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  1. Photo of Oskar Roehler

    Oskar Roehler Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Georg Marioth

    Georg Marioth Screenplay

  3. Photo of Burkhard Driest

    Burkhard Driest Screenplay

  4. Photo of Dietmar Güntsche

    Dietmar Güntsche Producer

  5. Photo of Eberhard Junkersdorf

    Eberhard Junkersdorf Producer

  6. Photo of Konstantin Wecker

    Konstantin Wecker Music

  7. Photo of Tomas Erhart

    Tomas Erhart Cinematography

  8. Photo of Uli Schön

    Uli Schön Editing

  9. Photo of Sylke Fröchtenigt

    Sylke Fröchtenigt Production Design

  10. Photo of Alexander von Zündt

    Alexander von Zündt Sound

  11. Photo of Marie Bäumer

    Marie Bäumer Cast

  12. Photo of Thomas Heinze

    Thomas Heinze Cast

  13. Photo of Leon Boden

    Leon Boden Cast

  14. Photo of Luci Van Org

    Luci Van Org Cast

  15. Photo of Arthur Brauss

    Arthur Brauss Cast

  16. Photo of Uta Schmidt-Caneva

    Uta Schmidt-Caneva Cast

  17. Photo of Wolfgang Wimmer

    Wolfgang Wimmer Cast

  18. Photo of Gisela Gard

    Gisela Gard Cast

  19. Photo of Maria Bachmann

    Maria Bachmann Cast

  20. Photo of Andrea El Tahir

    Andrea El Tahir Cast