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  1. Thomas's rating of the film Laurel Canyon

    Rather shallow in characterisation and what could have been much more interestingly developed interpersonal relationships. Even McDormand's 'hippie' turn becomes tiresome and too much to bear.

  2. Ayesha Casely-Hayford's rating of the film Laurel Canyon

    Always happy watching Christian Bale. Not a particularly deep exploration of these characters but an easy watch, and nice comment on the chaos of life choices, "it doesn't matter whose right or wrong, I made mistakes, a lot of them...".

  3. Kaonashiii's rating of the film Laurel Canyon

    Three stars for Frances McDormand; minus two for everyone else and their terrible accents.

  4. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Laurel Canyon

    A good cast is wasted in this fairly tiresome tale of adults trying to break through various personal impasses. Although far from unwatchable, it's just hard to care about anyone involved.

  5. Superfrog's rating of the film Laurel Canyon

    People should try having nice non monogamous sex if it is what they want. Instead of fucked up affairs that lead to sad sexual experience and violence. All my threesomes were nice...

  6. Babak Jani's rating of the film Laurel Canyon

    Doesn't make sense!!! Also, the cast is too old and young for the characters. I found performances non-engaging and visual storytelling non-existance. You can turn the monitor off and get all the story by just listening to it. Perhaps you will get a better result by imaging it that watch it.

  7. tintinmugshot's rating of the film Laurel Canyon

    Light and superficial drama about relationships. Nothing works here, except for the coolest Mcdormand's character's house, full of vinyls and a badass home studio.

  8. Amy Cavender's rating of the film Laurel Canyon

    Cholodenko's film presents us with an interesting critique on modern relationships. The characterisation is strong and the scenes are well shot (I especially liked the final frame). However, I felt unconvinced over the ending and wasn't quite sure what the central focus of the narrative was.

  9. PFL's rating of the film Laurel Canyon

    Cholodenko's diverting film starts brightly, loses its way, then finds it again in a well-handled conclusion. Though smartly written as a whole, the work's dependence on Alessandro Nivola's cliched rock musician is tiresome (through no fault of the actor) and less imaginative than the rest of the picture. Bale's and McElhone's performances are nice though and McDormand gives an amusingly McDormandy turn.

  10. dmol's rating of the film Laurel Canyon

    This film ultimately makes you feel natural and relaxed with your own awkwardness, through the awkwardness and screw-ups of its characters. All that nuanced beautifully by an atmospheric scenery and excellent music set-up.

  11. Laurence Hervieux-Gosselin's rating of the film Laurel Canyon

    kate beckinsale qui joue une nerd... on nous en passe une belle. frances mcdormand n'aura jamais été si hot

  12. indecisivespice's rating of the film Laurel Canyon

  13. ArmPauFer's rating of the film Laurel Canyon

    A good drama about different persons tied by relations in love but are not free of her desires and attractions to others. In fact what goes even better here is that they all have different views of the way of living. But passions arrive when they are struggling to resist... everyone in different levels. Great realization and very good cast and performances. Love this!

  14. Arabela's rating of the film Laurel Canyon

    sparklehorse and mercury rev, said enough