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  1. simona dumitriu's rating of the film Laurence Anyways

  2. Laura Natalia's rating of the film Laurence Anyways

    La identidad de genero tratado con tantos ornamentos innecesarios que impiden lograr la profundidad que se merece, la estética visual no debería jugar en contra relegando el argumento principal.

  3. João Martins's rating of the film Laurence Anyways

    There is something about Xavier Dolan that exceeds the mere aesthetics in this film. He goes through a real condition of acceptance and explore the binomial of gender that stills confuses a lot of people. Laurence Alia goes through many phases, not only physically but also - and mainly - mentally. A big film and probably Xavier Dolan best film too.

  4. vordven's rating of the film Laurence Anyways

  5. - Caltiki -'s rating of the film Laurence Anyways

  6. Bram Vroonland's rating of the film Laurence Anyways

    Surely this movie could've done with more efficient editing. Nonetheless I feel the premise was sustained over the entire run-time, even with the circular motions the plot made. On top of that I loved the little nuances Dolan added to externalize the internal worlds of his characters like varying camera movements and color coding. This abundance of cinematic texture turned this "important" movie into an amazing one.

  7. Ximena Vilchis's rating of the film Laurence Anyways

  8. orangepeelon's rating of the film Laurence Anyways

    This didn't come off as some typical, fetishist look into the "exoticism" of trans people that I expected and I really loved it.

  9. TheKingsWool's rating of the film Laurence Anyways

    How turbulent and complex the love of Laurence and Fred. It made for a beautiful film. I'd say a tad bit too long but otherwise a grand film from an exuberant director.

  10. Adam M's rating of the film Laurence Anyways

    The influences of Almodóvar and Wong Kar-wai were so loudly announced as to distract, and the set designs were too precious for my tastes. And these were prioritized over pacing and plot.

  11.'s rating of the film Laurence Anyways

    "Is it a revolt?" "No it's a revolution" J'adore.

  12. Loz Loory's rating of the film Laurence Anyways

    Exuberant love story. Brilliant cinematography together with editing! So many varied camera angles and styles. So many beautiful uses of short pans at critical moments. Wonderful lead actors. Enjoyed the exploration of gender as both social construct and congenital mindset. Loved the metaphor of holding one's breath under water. Only issue was length: could easily have been trimmed by 20 minutes.

  13. Tania Ahmadi's rating of the film Laurence Anyways

    The film is visually lush; an absolute beauty. It hovers between reality and unreality. I've experienced "emotion" in such an absolute way. Inspiring story and incredibly flawless acting.

  14. David R Williams's rating of the film Laurence Anyways

    A great cast all around but Suzanne Clément steals the show.

  15. Hannah's rating of the film Laurence Anyways

    There were some slow parts but overall it was very well executed. Despite being quite a long movie it kept me entertained well enough and invested enough to continue watching. It explores love in a complex way and gives a new twist to the classic love story. I love the aesthetic and the color combinations used throughout the film. I loved the symmetry. Great costume designs as well.

  16. Myles's rating of the film Laurence Anyways

    Ambitious but unjustifiably long. Not the kind of story that warrants the epic form. I'd say the first third would have made a wonderful, quiet little film. The second an over the top romp. The Too feel good.

  17. Paola Solari's rating of the film Laurence Anyways

    An incredibly beautiful film. Dolan's meticulousness with the aesthetics is very obvious with all of the film's symmetry. Not only is it visually stunning, the screenplay of the film is heartfelt and vivid. The characters and their relationships are complex and nuanced, delineated as real people. This screenplay, coupled with exquisite performances result in a film that is both beautiful and necessary.

  18. Kyle Carpenter's rating of the film Laurence Anyways

    I appreciate this film for its less-than-idealistic characters, which made the story raw and believable. However, I felt like some parts lost the flow and were unclear, leaving me in a state of confusion. And while I am happy for trans representation, I was less than enthused about the conclusion, which I felt nullified the entire struggle of the film.

  19. Carina Dybevick's rating of the film Laurence Anyways

    A passionate story portrayed by two extremely talented actors. Xavier Dolan captures the bittersweet reality of transitioning better than any other films I have seen try. Its length may be discouraging to some but I highly recommend giving this film your time.

  20. tori reeves's rating of the film Laurence Anyways

    Despite being almost 3 hours, Laurence Anyways is fast paced and keeps you interested the whole time. The use of sound throughout the film added to the cinematography. The characters and plot were both equally well-written.

  21. Calvin Head's rating of the film Laurence Anyways

    This movie sets the pace for what films addressing transgender issues in the future need to be like. The issue is not the transition, the issue is the return to normalcy, portraying those who are not on board as the antagonists. Being on the fringe of the LGBT community, I revel in a showing that doesn’t hinge a plot on an identity but rather as just another character trait.And the characters are what make this film.

  22. Susannah Magers's rating of the film Laurence Anyways

    Dolan has mastered the emotionally charged montage, opening with Fever Ray's "If I Had a Heart." Lush, moody, generous cinematography and character development; I was truly invested in this couple and their relationship. Aching performance by Suzanne Clément (Fred) in which she loses it at a nosy, insensitive waitress who questions Laurence's appearance. Heavy-handed but relevant/necessary social justice agenda.

  23. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Laurence Anyways

    (4.5 stars) Visually stunning and thematically rich. Probably the BEST film I've seen regarding sexuality identity. Great narrative, acting, visual storytelling and beautiful framing. It's a bit too long for the story it tells, but even's WONDERFUL. Love this film.

  24. danielle sherwood's rating of the film Laurence Anyways

    I really enjoyed it! The story was very interesting and it was done in a way that kept my attention despite being a bit longer than movies i normally watch. It was very visually appealing as well.

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