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  1. Photo of Mathieu Denis

    Mathieu Denis Director, Screenplay Editing

  2. Photo of Simon Lavoie

    Simon Lavoie Director and Screenplay

  3. Photo of Nicolas Canniccioni

    Nicolas Canniccioni Cinematography

  4. Photo of Marjorie Rhéaume

    Marjorie Rhéaume Production Design

  5. Photo of Nadine Lisée

    Nadine Lisée Production Design

  6. Photo of Nancy Grant

    Nancy Grant Producer

  7. Photo of Sylvain Corbeil

    Sylvain Corbeil Producer

  8. Photo of Pascal Bascaron

    Pascal Bascaron Producer

  9. Photo of Emmanuel Schwartz

    Emmanuel Schwartz Cast

  10. Photo of Eugénie Beaudry

    Eugénie Beaudry Cast

  11. Photo of Guillaume Cyr

    Guillaume Cyr Cast

  12. Photo of Martin Boily

    Martin Boily Cast

  13. Photo of Jade Hassouné

    Jade Hassouné Cast

  14. Photo of Simon Gfeller

    Simon Gfeller Cast

  15. Photo of Erin Agostino

    Erin Agostino Cast

  16. Photo of Martin Allard

    Martin Allard Sound

  17. Photo of Patrice Leblanc

    Patrice Leblanc Sound

  18. Photo of Christophe Motte

    Christophe Motte Sound