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  1. Photo of Michelangelo Antonioni

    Michelangelo Antonioni Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Elio Bartolini

    Elio Bartolini Screenplay

  3. Photo of Tonino Guerra

    Tonino Guerra Screenplay

  4. Photo of Gabriele Ferzetti

    Gabriele Ferzetti Cast

  5. Photo of Monica Vitti

    Monica Vitti Cast

  6. Photo of Lea Massari

    Lea Massari Cast

  7. Photo of Dominique Blanchar

    Dominique Blanchar Cast

  8. Photo of Renzo Ricci

    Renzo Ricci Cast

  9. Photo of James Addams

    James Addams Cast

  10. Photo of Dorothy De Poliolo

    Dorothy De Poliolo Cast

  11. Photo of Lelio Luttazzi

    Lelio Luttazzi Cast

  12. Photo of Giovanni Petrucci

    Giovanni Petrucci Cast

  13. Photo of Esmeralda Ruspoli

    Esmeralda Ruspoli Cast

  14. Photo of Aldo Scavarda

    Aldo Scavarda Cinematography

  15. Photo of Giovanni Fusco

    Giovanni Fusco Music

  16. Photo of Piero Poletto

    Piero Poletto Production Design

  17. Photo of Amato Pennasilico

    Amato Pennasilico Producer

  18. Photo of Eraldo Da Roma

    Eraldo Da Roma Editing

  19. Photo of Claiudio Maielli

    Claiudio Maielli Sound

  20. Photo of Adriana Berselli

    Adriana Berselli Costume Design