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  1. Photo of Charles Crichton

    Charles Crichton Director

  2. Photo of T.E.B. Clarke

    T.E.B. Clarke Screenplay

  3. Photo of Patrick Campbell

    Patrick Campbell Screenplay

  4. Photo of Michael Redgrave

    Michael Redgrave Cast

  5. Photo of Robert Morley

    Robert Morley Cast

  6. Photo of Ronald Squire

    Ronald Squire Cast

  7. Photo of Elizabeth Sellars

    Elizabeth Sellars Cast

  8. Photo of Joan Hickson

    Joan Hickson Cast

  9. Photo of Lionel Jeffries

    Lionel Jeffries Cast

  10. Photo of Jeremy Burnham

    Jeremy Burnham Cast

  11. Photo of Brenda Bruce

    Brenda Bruce Cast

  12. Photo of Harold Goodwin

    Harold Goodwin Cast

  13. Photo of George Coulouris

    George Coulouris Cast

  14. Photo of Meredith Edwards

    Meredith Edwards Cast

  15. Photo of Reginald Beckwith

    Reginald Beckwith Cast

  16. Photo of David Hutcheson

    David Hutcheson Cast

  17. Photo of Mary Kerridge

    Mary Kerridge Cast

  18. Photo of Michael Trubshawe

    Michael Trubshawe Cast

  19. Photo of John Le Mesurier

    John Le Mesurier Cast

  20. Photo of Irene Handl

    Irene Handl Cast

  21. Photo of Allan Cuthbertson

    Allan Cuthbertson Cast

  22. Photo of Edward Scaife

    Edward Scaife Cinematography

  23. Photo of Humphrey Searle

    Humphrey Searle Music

  24. Photo of George Pitcher

    George Pitcher Producer

  25. Photo of Oswald Hafenrichter

    Oswald Hafenrichter Editing