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  1. gaussian's rating of the film Lawn Dogs

    young mischa is not half bad

  2. Yana Salenik's rating of the film Lawn Dogs

  3. SpaceOctopus's rating of the film Lawn Dogs

    Something about this movie has just always given me some sort of....chills. The ending was so beautiful and wrong and fucked up and just so....well I can't explain it and I can't explain all the things I love about this film, but it's just so amazingly good and nobody really knows about it. Been a favorite of mine since I was probably about 9 or 10, even when I barely understood it, though I understood a LOT.

  4. Noiresque's rating of the film Lawn Dogs

    I saw this when I was 16, and got a masive crush on Sam Rockwell's character. Somewhat disturbingly, I was far closer to the age of Mischa's character at the time! Still, it's a good little film, and I loved the fairy tale elements and the bonds of friendship.

  5. Dollyrkr's rating of the film Lawn Dogs

    Where is home? Home is in my hands.