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  1. Photo of Holger-Madsen

    Holger-Madsen Director

  2. Photo of Carl Theodor Dreyer

    Carl Theodor Dreyer Screenplay

  3. Photo of Philip Bech

    Philip Bech Cast

  4. Photo of Augusta Blad

    Augusta Blad Cast

  5. Photo of Johanne Fritz-Petersen

    Johanne Fritz-Petersen Cast

  6. Photo of Alf Blütecher

    Alf Blütecher Cast

  7. Photo of Olaf Fønss

    Olaf Fønss Cast

  8. Photo of Carl Lauritzen

    Carl Lauritzen Cast

  9. Photo of Frederik Jacobsen

    Frederik Jacobsen Cast

  10. Photo of Birger von-Cotta Schønberg

    Birger von-Cotta Schønberg Cast

  11. Photo of Dagmar Kofoed

    Dagmar Kofoed Cast

  12. Photo of Oluf Billesborg

    Oluf Billesborg Cast

  13. Photo of Ellen Ferslev

    Ellen Ferslev Cast

  14. Photo of Ingeborg Olsen

    Ingeborg Olsen Cast

  15. Photo of Luzzy Werren

    Luzzy Werren Cast

  16. Photo of Axel Mattsson

    Axel Mattsson Cast

  17. Photo of Preben Rist

    Preben Rist Cast

  18. Photo of Marius Clausen

    Marius Clausen Cinematography