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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Андрей Юрьевич Поцелуй's rating of the film Layla M.

    3.5 Interesting story about the radicalisation of a young but naive woman idealising and dreaming of life in a Muslim country. Born and raised in Amsterdam enjoying all freedoms, e.g. the equal treatment of men and women, she soon has to feel that there are huge differences for a woman in a Muslim country. I also didn't find the relationship that convincing. It felt more like a means to an end. Still a strong film!

  2. zotibaws's rating of the film Layla M.

    I liked the topic but the relationships seemed rather unnatural and it didn't seem to go in-depth into the feelings of the characters.

  3. Spook's rating of the film Layla M.

    3,5 - Great performance by Nora El Koussour

  4. Artemis's rating of the film Layla M.

    Affecting, provocative, and humanising depiction of the young female Muslim experience in the European war against Islam.