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  1. HenriqueA's rating of the film Le beau Serge

    The first Nouvelle Vague's feature film is a dense and raw melodrama (but still pretty conventional) about the psychological state of the working-class French people deep in the country. It can get nasty and at times incomprehensible, but while it lacks in style compared to what came after, it is leaps ahead in substance to the Godard/Truffaut films that would come in the next five years.

  2. petit astronaute's rating of the film Le beau Serge

    2K. 2,5. La belle photographie en noir et blanc d’Henri Decaë.

  3. El Biffo's rating of the film Le beau Serge

    Chabrol was a Master of Cinema, his debut nothing less than a Masterpiece. Such a simply told story, with a village full of simple people whose interwoven existences paint a picture of all the subtle, tragic complexities of people who suffer, and people who just muddle through, and people who struggle. Henri Decae's cinematography is eloquent and compassionate. Essential Cinema.

  4. Arf's rating of the film Le beau Serge

  5. Paolo Simeone's rating of the film Le beau Serge

    A bourgeois who verifies straight on his face how the bon sauvauge myth does not really apply to reality.

  6. xrystyna's rating of the film Le beau Serge

    a bit of Dostoyevsky in a French province

  7. OldGermanCurrency's rating of the film Le beau Serge

  8. redux's rating of the film Le beau Serge

    This is great, for reasons too many to enumerate here. For one thing, it has that perfect balance between incidental and archetypal that only the best art can offer. In terms of relatability, it certainly tops everything from the ensuing nouvelle vague. Bombastic end-sequence mimics Christian kitsch to an alienating effect, only to make the homoerotic drama at the center all the more real.

  9. azoulay's rating of the film Le beau Serge

    Le beau Serge, c'est le beau Serge, premier chef d'oeuvre de Chabrol, parfois la grâce creative, la justesse cinématographique des scènes guident les premiers pas d'un grand réalisateur, c'est le cas ici. Parfois leur oeuvre est servie par des acteurs géniaux c'est le cas, le trio merveilleux dont l'immense Bernadette Lafont. On peut aussi entendre que le problème des territoires oubliés est une vielle affaire....

  10. FRIEDRICH VON PÉREZ's rating of the film Le beau Serge

  11. captainfez's rating of the film Le beau Serge

    Christ, Serge. Lay off the piss a bit, would you?

  12. Tutu888's rating of the film Le beau Serge

    Very good debut by Chabrol, although the melodramatic end is a bit disappointing. It suggest that there is hope for Serge while in reality you know the efforts by Francois are without meaning. I wonder why no one mentions the homo-erotic tension there is between Francois and Serge.

  13. filmotrope's rating of the film Le beau Serge

    If this was the first film of the French New Wave I cannot really say, but it was the first of the Chabrol's fascinating career, with great performances and a gorgeous cinematography, and presenting us a bleak portrait of human decadence in a provincial town.

  14. chrisshawhughes's rating of the film Le beau Serge

    What surprised me is the film's attitude to women. They treated as though they were just tools in the rights of passage for young men. When Marie is raped our main character does not stay to comfort her, he runs off to beat up the old man and then to his room to cry. Serge says it is normal - that the old man has done well to resist doing it before. And let's not forget that Serge had also raped her when she was 15.

  15. Foussadier's rating of the film Le beau Serge

    mr chabrol est virtuose, deux mondes se heurtent et a travers ce fracas il nous donne a voir des personnages frappant et puissant. dans un décor sublime grâce au travail de la photo. la psychologie est fine et vrai, les acteurs fabuleux, sincères . il a su montrer l'humain dans sa nature profonde sans trop exagéré, questionnant des situations pouvant paraitre choquante ,avec simplicité.

  16. Howard Fritzson's rating of the film Le beau Serge

    It is interesting how many first time directors are drawn to stories about extreme disfunction. Bellochio did the same with "Fists In The Pocket." "Le Beau Serge" is a powerful example yet it is very different from the refined films of Chabrol's later career.

  17. BUSTER TIERNEY's rating of the film Le beau Serge

    3,8/5 Un premier film qui lance la partie "classique" de la Nouvelle Vague avec un scénario et une mise en scène efficace, mais sans trop de risque. Surtout 3 comédiens de la NV particulièrement emblématiques. Ce n'est pas un film pour les pandas frileux...

  18. FISCHER's rating of the film Le beau Serge

    Premier long métrage de Claude Chabrol, un regard assez dur sur le monde rural, mais auquel manque l'acuité scénaristique d'un Paul Gegauff...

  19. songoflos's rating of the film Le beau Serge

    First attempt, stroke of genius. ♡♡

  20. Benjamin Bland's rating of the film Le beau Serge

    A rather trite final third, but still worthy of its reputation as an early minor classic of the New Wave.

  21. Lynch/Fellini's rating of the film Le beau Serge

    Chabrol's intimate character study is a beauty- loved the roughness of the look, making it feel all the more real and honest!

  22. SpacePirate's rating of the film Le beau Serge

    The Serge role felt like it was written with James Dean in mind. The New Wave gets off to an excellent start here.

  23. Vincent T's rating of the film Le beau Serge

    remember this was a bit of a mess, especially the Christian allegory. But I also remember being impressed with the cinematography, and entertained by some name-dropping references (Jacques Rivette).

  24. Genre films > French New Wave's rating of the film Le beau Serge

    A solid movie, made even more impressive that it was Claude Chabrol's first film. Good acting, good dialogue (even though character's spoke their mind a bit too much), and a great representation of small towns (of which I am a native of). I'm a much bigger fan of this compared to other French New Wave debuts like 400 Blows and Breathless. The score was pretty awful though.

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