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  1. l3518022's rating of the film Le bonheur

    samimi ve sıcak bir havası var huzur hissedilebiliyor sonu hariç aşırı güzel bir film

  2. .Ana.'s rating of the film Le bonheur

    A movie that *seems* simple and straightforward. However, the hidden depths of this wonderfully clever (and quite beautiful!) picture leave us, as spectators, having the last say about what's happening. A whirlwind about domestic family life, about falling in love and about the rules behind relationships. Brilliant. Thought-provoking!

  3. Søren Axel's rating of the film Le bonheur

    I felt the revolution. The people are constantly in rebellion. But it has been years since they made a revolution. Le Bonheur is about family and love, the rebellions in the core family, the revolution of the emotions - the sacrifices. The first film I've seen by Agnès Varda and it has taken hold of me.

  4. ulises lima's rating of the film Le bonheur

    + // (once again a statement in the use of colours) but come on

  5. Toni's rating of the film Le bonheur

  6. bouvardila's rating of the film Le bonheur

    First time it’s a surprise. Second time it’s a habit. Every day is a new day. Are you happy at home too? Very happy. Your wife is not a habit? No. I love her very much. We get along. We have fun. Plus our kids. Surprises every day. And me? I met you and I love you.

  7. OldGermanCurrency's rating of the film Le bonheur

  8. Gayathri Ramachandran's rating of the film Le bonheur

    A picture postcard that left me under-affected and confused.

  9. Clémence's rating of the film Le bonheur

    Le Bonheur fills me up with a feeling of melancholy and nostalgia and gives my sadness a bitter taste. i miss the sun, i'm exhausted. i miss hearing the birds singing, everything's so quiet. i miss the wind, the rays of sunshine when they carefully lay on my arms. i miss the love i have to give to everything i see when it's warm outside but i've been feeling all worn up lately, i miss everything from march to august.

  10. o_oo's rating of the film Le bonheur

  11. Chartrand Mendeleev's rating of the film Le bonheur

  12. Julien's rating of the film Le bonheur

    It’s really pleasant to read such lovely and deep comments about a film which I really wonder who else out of few french students would take time to watch and really appreciate : no star from the Nouvelle Vague here (even if i love JLG films too), even Varda herself is not enough admired in her own country. Thanks to internet it’s possible to keep the magic of cinema alive.

  13. Victor Gonzalez's rating of the film Le bonheur

    Texture and color but also the flow of life. Varda is never a disappointment.

  14. Paul's rating of the film Le bonheur

    I am very impressed. First off the whole design of the film is amazing. Set, props and costume add such depth to the characters and give a very strong sense of how to view this film. When at first it seems to be a film about love and happiness in relationships, Varda manages to pull the rug from under you and reveal a much darker and serious side to this piece. The dialoge and direction is great as usual.

  15. Kuja's rating of the film Le bonheur

    3,8. "Le Bonheur is not about the story, nor is it even about how the story is told. It is, centrally, about how a story is seen through the joint perspectives of an almost preternaturally detached director and a viewer who is bound to enter it with preconceptions." - Mónica Belevan / Vague Visages

  16. Ian Bradley's rating of the film Le bonheur

  17. Not A Sexy Vampire's rating of the film Le bonheur

    Another masterpiece from Agnes Varda. Like The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg, Le Bonheur uses beautiful awe-inspiring colours to hide darker truths. Few films are as vicious or uncompromising as this, an unflincing evisceration of patriarchal societies' dreams that sees free love, open relationships as just another tool for the sublimation of women. One reviewer compared this to The Stepford Wives. It's darker than that.

  18. Jorge Mourinha's rating of the film Le bonheur

    Subversive pastoral fable of modern love among the working class, simultaneously precious and pointed, sly and simple; its painterly colour belies darker, thoughtful undercurrents, yet the result is sunnily hopeful.

  19. Adam Laurence Pitt's rating of the film Le bonheur

    “A beautiful summer fruit with a worm inside” - Varda

  20. Dean Simons's rating of the film Le bonheur

    Fascinating photography but slightly disturbing film

  21. alleinaz's rating of the film Le bonheur

    Happiness view from a man’s perspective. I liked how Vardas played with music, colors and characters. The family portrait was to good to be truth, the ending left me with a bitter sweet aftertaste. Loved this movie.

  22. roromancl's rating of the film Le bonheur

    Excellent, and also quite wicked."Le Bonheur" has some triks up its sleeve. One gets carried away by the shiny surface, but there are quite wicked undercurrents. A truly feminist and outstanding film

  23. Alex Meire's rating of the film Le bonheur

    Colorwise, top notch. Great photography, cinematography, framing, music, atmosphere. The plot twist is too naive, even if that's the tone of the whole movie. It lacks (and blocks for the viewer) imagination crippling it narratively and poetically. Still, quite good. Brassens posters included.

  24. Nitul's rating of the film Le bonheur

    3.5 out of 5. Liked the ending which is very much relatable. No matter what happens, we move on and start living our lives.

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