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  1. FISCHER's rating of the film Le bonheur

    Un homme aime sincèrement deux femmes. Son épouse finira par se noyer .....

  2. Juan Javier's rating of the film Le bonheur

  3. ricki-rocki's rating of the film Le bonheur

    Love per la sosia di Bibi Andersson

  4. Ashley Spendlove's rating of the film Le bonheur

    Varda plays with tone brilliantly, both in the way the saturated colours accentuate the presentation of artifice, and the choice of musical soundtrack that constantly alludes to the discordant shadow of what we are seeing. The seemingly detached whimsical portrayal of the relationships and the women's complicity/resistance with the man's narcissism develop into a socio-political statement of unspoken horror and fury.

  5. lou.'s rating of the film Le bonheur

    J'adore Agnès, mais ce film fait du mal... bien que j'accepte l'idée de l'infidélité – sans absolument en être scandalisée – je n'arrive pas à comprendre le désir d'une liaison polyamoreuse: je reste abasourdie par la désinvolture de cet homme en dépassent le deuil de la perte de sa femme à travers une simple substitution d'objet; et elle, l'amante, qui accepte de devenir la «copie conforme» du bonheur? Affreaux...

  6. Vi Pin's rating of the film Le bonheur

    This is a hidden gem. Made in 1965 it must have been a pioneer in many ways but strangely some of the scenes in the movie were similar to Tarkovsky’s Mirror, which can only mean that he took inspiration from this film since mirror was made 10 years later. Finding Tarkovsky copy some one else is really surprising, goes to show how great Agnes Varda is.

  7. Quattro's rating of the film Le bonheur

    The flowers! The woods and the sun! The colors and music! The girls and the kids! Sometimes this movie sparkles so much joy that I almost wished I could stay there forever. Unfortunately it fails in the not-so-smart editing, in the ridiculously one-dimensional characters, and I found it very simplistic thematically too (the ending, bah). It could have been a real treat, but it falls short. // P.S.: 100th rating! Yay!

  8. watashiwaelvan's rating of the film Le bonheur

    A story of a man who's in a some kind of loop forever, loved it.

  9. Yash Bhati's rating of the film Le bonheur

    Profound depiction of banal lives/(life itself) using evocative yet simple methods

  10. DrFirestone's rating of the film Le bonheur

    A chilling study of happiness - its price, its cruel and disturbing element that can (often) manifest. This film, and especially dialogues are so banal at times, but so is life, isn't it? I liked the use of colour and the contrast between the warm, innocent beginning vs the ending - the result is hard-hitting. Besides, it's France, the mid 1960s, and love is in the air (for some at least)...

  11. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Le bonheur

    Chantal Akerman's Jeanne Dielman, 23 quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles (1975) is a penetrating criticism of gender roles in society. Varda's portrayal of women as interchangeable, supine, passive, docile, lobotomized dolls in Le Bonheur is frankly offensive.

  12. dreamseed's rating of the film Le bonheur

    Delightful editing! Varda amazes everytime by the way she can bring such playfulness and formal rigor to such a dark and emotionally high-strung theme. The heartbreaking impersonality of love, the abundance and indifference of Cupid. I love the attention to the details of material culture: sewing machine, potted plant, stamps, pantry door...simply endearing...

  13. Chearth's rating of the film Le bonheur

  14. pintobean's rating of the film Le bonheur

    The gall of man, and let's be perfectly clear here, *men* specifically, is astounding. Agnes Varda appears to be playing by all the rules while she slowly drives a dagger into the idea of a perfect family unit and one dude's egotistical male fantasy. The last 20 minutes are fucking crazy. I'm mad. It's great.

  15. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Le bonheur

    "Birds singing a song \ Old paint is peeling \ This is that fresh \ That fresh feeling". Now color coded for your convenience!

  16. findfilm's rating of the film Le bonheur

    A stunning film - exquisite imagery and colour is used to lull us into a sense of serenity in small town France in the 1960s. Classical music plays a major part also as the young husband and father neatly, naively and selfishly takes on a lover. The consequences are devastating but the repercussions are negligible. A beautiful and balanced study of life in a simpler time and place. Le bonheur - happiness.

  17. Alexander Dunkelberger's rating of the film Le bonheur

    A sunny world is threatened by clouds which come but inevitably pass again. A look at the happy life when tried to live too freely, and the problem of an abundance of love.

  18. Barrett.'s rating of the film Le bonheur

    Beautiful film, I love the colours, the perfect use of editing and composition. The care-free nature of Le Bonheur (for the most part) reminded me of Jacques Tati. I like to think that Monsieur Hulot is in the same neighbourhood bumbling around.

  19. saitosouta's rating of the film Le bonheur

    This movie depicts a battle between monoamory VS polyamory in malicious & unilateral perspective of monoamory person, maybe.

  20. Johnny Seeker's rating of the film Le bonheur

    A swan song to polygamy! Abound with incredible filming techniques.

  21. hubertguillaud's rating of the film Le bonheur

    Ca commence comme une ode à la famille de la classe moyenne consumériste des années 60, une lumineuse pub pour la vie simple, faite d'enfant, de travail et d'amour. Et ce bonbon suinte peu à peu l'amertume. Le bonheur ne s'ajoute pas. Il ne subjugue ni les rêves ni les conventions si convenues. Au mieux est-ll pareil à ce tableau qu'on voudrait fixer, toujours fuyant. Par nature magnifique car il est déjà passé.

  22. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Le bonheur

    La vida de una familia es felicidad. El destino, sin embargo, abre una nueva puerta, y otro tipo de felicidad se asoma. Interesante concepto sobre la vida y el amor. Esa fantasía francesa de la doble vida justificada. El que la pone en práctica la fundamenta y razona. Hay a pesar un punto ciego de ese amante quien en lo público no comparte su perspectiva. Está la coda: la rutina se reconstruye. Será también cíclica?

  23. matelot's rating of the film Le bonheur

  24. Cătălin, HiperCristalin's rating of the film Le bonheur

    Măiculiță, ce film crud! Dacă eu, Tudor Chirilă, nu eram closeted gay, așa i-aș fi aruncat și eu papucii nevesti-mii.

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