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  1. Photo of Éric Rohmer

    Éric Rohmer Director

  2. Photo of César Baldaccini

    César Baldaccini Self

  3. Photo of Georges Candilis

    Georges Candilis Self

  4. Photo of Pierre Klossowski

    Pierre Klossowski Self

  5. Photo of Claude Parent

    Claude Parent Self

  6. Photo of Roger Planchon

    Roger Planchon Self

  7. Photo of Nicolas Schoeffer

    Nicolas Schoeffer Self

  8. Photo of Claude Simon

    Claude Simon Self

  9. Photo of Sonderberg

    Sonderberg Self

  10. Photo of Takis

    Takis Self

  11. Photo of Victor Vasarely

    Victor Vasarely Self

  12. Photo of Paul Virilio

    Paul Virilio Self

  13. Photo of Iannis Xenakis

    Iannis Xenakis Self

  14. Photo of Janine Bazin

    Janine Bazin Producer

  15. Photo of André S. Labarthe

    André S. Labarthe Producer