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  1. Photo of Guy Gilles

    Guy Gilles Screenplay, Director Producer

  2. Photo of Alain Cheraft

    Alain Cheraft Screenplay

  3. Photo of Richard Berry

    Richard Berry Cast

  4. Photo of Jacques Penot

    Jacques Penot Cast

  5. Photo of Macha Méril

    Macha Méril Cast

  6. Photo of Piéral

    Piéral Cast

  7. Photo of Pascal Greggory

    Pascal Greggory Cast

  8. Photo of Sonia Saviange

    Sonia Saviange Cast

  9. Photo of Manuel Gélin

    Manuel Gélin Cast

  10. Photo of Jean-Marie Proslier

    Jean-Marie Proslier Cast

  11. Photo of Rosette

    Rosette Cast

  12. Photo of Jean Wiener

    Jean Wiener Cast and Music

  13. Photo of Isabelle Lepin

    Isabelle Lepin Cast

  14. Photo of Jean Dasté

    Jean Dasté Cast

  15. Photo of Romain Tagli

    Romain Tagli Cast

  16. Photo of Claude Brosset

    Claude Brosset Cast

  17. Photo of Anne Caudry

    Anne Caudry Cast

  18. Photo of Patrick Jouané

    Patrick Jouané Cast

  19. Photo of Andréa Ferréol

    Andréa Ferréol Cast

  20. Photo of Jean-Claude Larrieu

    Jean-Claude Larrieu Cinematography

  21. Photo of Jean-Marc Ripert

    Jean-Marc Ripert Cinematography

  22. Photo of Benjamin Simon

    Benjamin Simon Producer

  23. Photo of Jean-Pierre Desfosse

    Jean-Pierre Desfosse Editing

  24. Photo of Franck Mathieu

    Franck Mathieu Editing

  25. Photo of Bernard Aubouy

    Bernard Aubouy Sound

  26. Photo of Dominique Dalmasso

    Dominique Dalmasso Sound