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  1. El Biffo's rating of the film Le dieu saturne

    The argument for retroactive abortion. Four adult children visit their father, who intends to relieve them all of the burden of life. Characters from Aristophanes' "Peace" provide the rebuttal. As I listened to the old man's homicidal philosophy, I couldn't help but wonder if perhaps mass murderers are also thinking the same philosophical thoughts.

  2. Miggy Angel's rating of the film Le dieu saturne

  3. In Prague's rating of the film Le dieu saturne

    On a journey to W Africa, Leo Frobenius came across two models of the universe, that of a Trarza Moor and a Senegalese Mandé (as told by local Diarra bards) which fact enabled him to draft a dichotomy whose antagonistic parts he found in both Sahel and Europe: world felt as oppressive grotto vs. the feeling of vastness & open horizons despite the lack of clear evidence that sky and earth don't intersect. Cultural and