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  1. Photo of Sophie Goyette

    Sophie Goyette Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Madeleine David

    Madeleine David Screenplay

  3. Photo of Philippe Roy

    Philippe Roy Cinematography

  4. Photo of Neil Oakshott

    Neil Oakshott Cinematography

  5. Photo of Jules Saulnier

    Jules Saulnier Editing

  6. Photo of Éliane Préfontaine

    Éliane Préfontaine Music

  7. Photo of Sébastien Lamoureux

    Sébastien Lamoureux Sound

  8. Photo of Jonathan Beauregard

    Jonathan Beauregard Sound

  9. Photo of Jean-David Perron

    Jean-David Perron Sound

  10. Photo of Patrice Berthomier

    Patrice Berthomier Cast