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  1. Photo of Georges Lautner

    Georges Lautner Director

  2. Photo of Jean Herman

    Jean Herman Screenplay

  3. Photo of Michel Audiard

    Michel Audiard Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jean-Paul Belmondo

    Jean-Paul Belmondo Cast

  5. Photo of Mirella D'Angelo

    Mirella D'Angelo Cast

  6. Photo of Michel Galabru

    Michel Galabru Cast

  7. Photo of Carla Romanelli

    Carla Romanelli Cast

  8. Photo of Paolo Bonacelli

    Paolo Bonacelli Cast

  9. Photo of Georges Géret

    Georges Géret Cast

  10. Photo of Michel Beaune

    Michel Beaune Cast

  11. Photo of Charles Gérard

    Charles Gérard Cast

  12. Photo of Maurice Auzel

    Maurice Auzel Cast

  13. Photo of Tony Kendall

    Tony Kendall Cast

  14. Photo of Renzo Marignano

    Renzo Marignano Cast

  15. Photo of Aldo Rendine

    Aldo Rendine Cast

  16. Photo of Henri Guybet

    Henri Guybet Cast

  17. Photo of Enzo Guarini

    Enzo Guarini Cast

  18. Photo of Lily Fayol

    Lily Fayol Cast

  19. Photo of Michel Berreur

    Michel Berreur Cast

  20. Photo of Daniel Breton

    Daniel Breton Cast

  21. Photo of Philippe Castelli

    Philippe Castelli Cast

  22. Photo of Anne Goddet

    Anne Goddet Cast

  23. Photo of Ham-Chau Luong

    Ham-Chau Luong Cast

  24. Photo of Dona Leigh Kessler

    Dona Leigh Kessler Cast

  25. Photo of Thang-Long

    Thang-Long Cast

  26. Photo of Jean Luisi

    Jean Luisi Cast

  27. Photo of Jacques Ramade

    Jacques Ramade Cast

  28. Photo of Pierre Vernier

    Pierre Vernier Cast

  29. Photo of Von Gretchen Shepard

    Von Gretchen Shepard Cast

  30. Photo of Jean-François Calvé

    Jean-François Calvé Cast

  31. Photo of David Gabison

    David Gabison Cast

  32. Photo of Henri Decae

    Henri Decae Cinematography

  33. Photo of Philippe Sarde

    Philippe Sarde Music

  34. Photo of Alain Poiré

    Alain Poiré Producer

  35. Photo of Renzo Rossellini

    Renzo Rossellini Producer

  36. Photo of Michelle David

    Michelle David Editing

  37. Photo of Alain Sempé

    Alain Sempé Sound

  38. Photo of Paulette Breil

    Paulette Breil Costume Design