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  1. Photo of Roland Tual

    Roland Tual Director

  2. Photo of Charles Spaak

    Charles Spaak Screenplay

  3. Photo of Louise de Vilmorin

    Louise de Vilmorin Screenplay

  4. Photo of Fernand Ledoux

    Fernand Ledoux Cast

  5. Photo of Michèle Alfa

    Michèle Alfa Cast

  6. Photo of Odette Joyeux

    Odette Joyeux Cast

  7. Photo of Jean Marais

    Jean Marais Cast

  8. Photo of Jean Tissier

    Jean Tissier Cast

  9. Photo of Pierre Larquey

    Pierre Larquey Cast

  10. Photo of Mila Parély

    Mila Parély Cast

  11. Photo of Georges Marchal

    Georges Marchal Cast

  12. Photo of Emmy Lynn

    Emmy Lynn Cast

  13. Photo of Valentine Tessier

    Valentine Tessier Cast

  14. Photo of Jacqueline Champi

    Jacqueline Champi Cast

  15. Photo of Huguette Donga

    Huguette Donga Cast

  16. Photo of Georges Cadix

    Georges Cadix Cast

  17. Photo of Jean Françaix

    Jean Françaix Music

  18. Photo of Pierre Montazel

    Pierre Montazel Cinematography

  19. Photo of Yvonne Martin

    Yvonne Martin Editing

  20. Photo of Serge Piménoff

    Serge Piménoff Production Design