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  1. Lamoine Emilie's rating of the film Le matin va venir

    NEVERS, Emilie Lamoine’s first feature, is now in post-production. The budget is tight, so we need your support for sound mixing, conformation and music recording. Any contribution will help us make the film better! Check out our KissKissBankBank site for a list of the perks you will get for your donation and to watch the trailer:

  2. CJFK's rating of the film Le matin va venir

    Wonderful novell film that reminds me a little of twin peaks which of course is a great compliment. The story is told very efficient but still leaving room for your imagination. The impression of the childhood mystery is kept. I also really like the photography which beautifully frames the characters and brings out the tention and mystery in the relationships between persons, environment and darkness.