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  1. Rebecca Herbert's rating of the film Le Moulin

    Exquistely framed, beautiful shots with text and literature compositions, but the narrative is next to non-exsistent to me. I just can't focus on the film enough to follow any kind of context.

  2. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Le Moulin

    (1.5 stars) Not my taste to be sure. Experimental and overly long. Really hard to sit through this length on a topic I'm not really interested in. I'm sure some can find some interest here, but not me.

  3. Paul Rot's rating of the film Le Moulin

    So boring, so stupid, so pretentious, so basic, so solemn, etc. Have you heard of Postcolonialism?

  4. Superfrog's rating of the film Le Moulin

    ~"Art that is only understood by a few is not art" ( as part of a socialist reflection on art). Then descends in very elitist modern poetry :) A fairly pleasant trip for an audience that does not mind being continuously challenged. An odd mix of slow and fast. Then surrealism has never tried too hard to be easy.

  5. Jacques de Villiers's rating of the film Le Moulin

    A dive into histories I was completely completely ignorant about, which shows just how powerful a medium cinema can be for animating the archive. Huang's choice of archival material, his own sumptuous footage, the sound design and musical choices, and the way he orchestrates everything does touching justice to his subject. Deserves to be seen more than once. I do hope MUBI runs it again in the none-too-distant future

  6. captainfez's rating of the film Le Moulin

    Longer than a lecture, more boring than that experimental poetry reading you were made to attend once. Looks great, mind.

  7. Luis Quintais's rating of the film Le Moulin

    Poetry, politics, history are here brilliantly intertwined to give us one of the great cinematic experiences of our times. Chris Marker would have loved it.

  8. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Le Moulin

    Not my thing at all, Le Moulin can be admired as an experimental way of educating viewers about the young Taiwanese poets and lovers of literature who formed the titular group, and it also tries to incorporate passages of poetry that illustrate certain events and/or the inspiration for the young men who were living under the rule of Japan. But it's too dry, overlong, dull, and feels like just the tip of the iceberg.

  9. DrFirestone's rating of the film Le Moulin

    A mystical, strange place where literary and visual poetry meet... This film beautifully portrays the spirit and soul of surreal art. While it takes time to adjust to the flow and structure used here, the film gives enough time and opportunity for us to tune in and fully appreciate the experience - a very unique, truly lyrical work. Fascinating and probably rare footage of 1930's Tokyo and (I guess) Taiwan.

  10. Eva Bosch's rating of the film Le Moulin

    a daring film. Perhaps it needs to go further but it deserves commendation.

  11. Ruiz Buñuel's rating of the film Le Moulin

  12. Riddle, van, stellar's rating of the film Le Moulin

    asserted narrative using objects as representatives of the era, cordial hospitality wasn't given, surrealism expressing ethnic determination, antiquated, cultural footmark playback of the avant-garde under the torrent of history.

  13. TZUHSIEN TANG's rating of the film Le Moulin

  14. Aaken's rating of the film Le Moulin

    An experimental film essay about this literary group in Taiwan during the Japanese occupation which tried to give Taiwan its voice against the cultural superiority of Japan. It took time before I got accustomed to director Huang Ya-Li's use of images and words, the blurred frontier between documentary, story telling and experimental film. But the outcome is highly satisfactory, despite the film's length .