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  1. francisca bacon's rating of the film Le navire Night

    Taking a certain human shape is to accept a set of limits: specific hair color, sleep habits, finitude, whereas lingering mid shapelessness, the unidentified and indefinite is to flee historicization w/ its evils and keep all possibilities suspended, uninvalidated, inactualized, incl. love's and lovers' immortality. Voice at Duras is a constrained metonymy detached from face it effaces in a vain try to surpass death,

  2. Nachtreich's rating of the film Le navire Night

    Peccato, concettualmente l'intenzione mi affascinava moltissimo. La resa complessiva però non l'ho apprezzata, specie per alcune scelte infelici (dannoso, per quanto mi riguarda, manifestare fisicamente la presenza umana, e alcuni dei pianosequenza accompagnano male la catena di vicende). ☆ e mezzo.

  3. marlonbrandodepressed's rating of the film Le navire Night

  4. Il secondo maestro del revolver's rating of the film Le navire Night

  5. Robert Orlowski's rating of the film Le navire Night

    If you wish the intro to Last Year at Marienbad was a hour and a half long and more outwardly confusing then here is your movie. Moments of brilliance ultimately overpowered by an overwhelming sense of alienation, its a shame I wanted to like this more.