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  1. Photo of Pierre Falardeau

    Pierre Falardeau Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Marc Daigle

    Marc Daigle Producer

  3. Photo of Bernadette Payeur

    Bernadette Payeur Producer

  4. Photo of Alain Dostie

    Alain Dostie Cinematography

  5. Photo of Lou Babin

    Lou Babin Cast

  6. Photo of Angèle Coutu

    Angèle Coutu Cast

  7. Photo of Benoît Dagenais

    Benoît Dagenais Cast

  8. Photo of Louise Laprade

    Louise Laprade Cast

  9. Photo of Charlotte Laurier

    Charlotte Laurier Cast

  10. Photo of Alexis Martin

    Alexis Martin Cast

  11. Photo of Michel Arcand

    Michel Arcand Editing

  12. Photo of Richard Desjardins

    Richard Desjardins Music

  13. Photo of Gaston Gagnon

    Gaston Gagnon Music

  14. Photo of Serge Beauchemin

    Serge Beauchemin Sound

  15. Photo of Luc Boudrias

    Luc Boudrias Sound

  16. Photo of Claude Langlois

    Claude Langlois Sound