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  1. Photo of Fyodor Otsep

    Fyodor Otsep Director

  2. Photo of Bella Daniel

    Bella Daniel Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jean Desprez

    Jean Desprez Screenplay

  4. Photo of Madeleine Ozeray

    Madeleine Ozeray Cast

  5. Photo of Marcel Chabrier

    Marcel Chabrier Cast

  6. Photo of Pierre Durand

    Pierre Durand Cast

  7. Photo of François Rozet

    François Rozet Cast

  8. Photo of Janine Sutto

    Janine Sutto Cast

  9. Photo of Guy Mauffette

    Guy Mauffette Cast

  10. Photo of Pierre Dagenais

    Pierre Dagenais Cast

  11. Photo of Ginette Letondal

    Ginette Letondal Cast

  12. Photo of Albert Duquesne

    Albert Duquesne Cast

  13. Photo of Ovila Légaré

    Ovila Légaré Cast

  14. Photo of Louis Rolland

    Louis Rolland Cast

  15. Photo of Paul Guèvremont

    Paul Guèvremont Cast

  16. Photo of Fanny Tremblay

    Fanny Tremblay Cast

  17. Photo of Laurette Campeau

    Laurette Campeau Cast

  18. Photo of Renée Lorraine

    Renée Lorraine Cast

  19. Photo of Lise Roy

    Lise Roy Cast

  20. Photo of May Talbot

    May Talbot Cast

  21. Photo of Jean Lajeunesse

    Jean Lajeunesse Cast

  22. Photo of Palmiéri

    Palmiéri Cast

  23. Photo of Conrad Gauthier

    Conrad Gauthier Cast

  24. Photo of Rolland D'Amour

    Rolland D'Amour Cast

  25. Photo of Don Malkames

    Don Malkames Cinematography

  26. Photo of Rudolph Goehr

    Rudolph Goehr Music

  27. Photo of Charles Philipp

    Charles Philipp Producer

  28. Photo of Georges Friedland

    Georges Friedland Editing

  29. Photo of Walter Darling

    Walter Darling Sound