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  1. Vitus Bachhausen's rating of the film Le petit amour

    Varda slowly lets her protagonists transcend moral codes, expressing the suppressed, the boy discovering sexuality and the mother doing the same – the former for sheer curiosity, the latter for belated redemption. Of course, this love story was doomed to end in tragedy, one in which the lovers (metaphorically) have to die. This is the Varda’s necessary evil: A death not yet lived, but necessary to be reborn for good.

  2. natsume's rating of the film Le petit amour

    "the house was so quiet... a vague feeling of absence"

  3. SonOfRambow's rating of the film Le petit amour

    Controversial for sure but the chemistry of all the characters worked so well together. The constant aids campaining just didn't fit in this story and I kept wondering what on earth it's relavence was. In the end I was impressed Varda pulled of such a hard story like this.

  4. Ponyoneiro's rating of the film Le petit amour

    Das discussões mais banais as mais complexas todas elas tem sua beleza nesse filme...A pureza , a necessidade , a solidão, a maternidade e o amor pitam por completo cada detalhe o relacionamento entre os dois personagens centrais...

  5. Wellinton de Almeida's rating of the film Le petit amour

    Uma delicada de se analisar. Me parece que aqui, a questão da pedofilia, embora marcada e importante, não detém o protagonismo do filme. Em Le petit amour, Varda não apenas subverte a instituição familiar, mas sugere e demonstra a infelicidade da situação de submissão que o homem impõe à mulher mesmo quando peças imprescindíveis da hierarquia social não o favorecem; nesse caso, a idade.

  6. Isaac's rating of the film Le petit amour

    Tocando num dos maiores tabus do Ocidente, o amor intergeracional, Agnès Varda consegue capturar com muita sensibilidade, delicadeza e graça um estado do amor impossível: o desejo por uma relação pura que não pode ser plenamente satisfeita para todo o sempre. Tem muitas questões abordadas no filme que não cabem neste parágrafo, mas todas são unidas pela capacidade da diretora de tratar assuntos com a maior empatia.

  7. foxgoulart's rating of the film Le petit amour

    Arte e figurinos são perfeitos.

  8. Josh's rating of the film Le petit amour

    I don't know how you make a woman falling in love with a young boy and have it not be anything but horrifying.... is it the innate "Frenchness" of the whole thing? I don't know, but this movie is charming and surprising and handled with incredible grace and delicacy.

  9. Roman2's rating of the film Le petit amour

    I added a Review already but apparently not on my Laptop. This was a great film. It is always great to see Older Women with Younger men especially in French Film And French film is best including the Romantic is Best. I also love German and Scandinavian Contemporary Film. I would Love to see more Films Between Older Women And younger Men And other Great Romantic And Sexual French Films and I am A Man. Mubi is Great

  10. Miguel Abad Manning's rating of the film Le petit amour

    Agnès Varda presents a story that deals with the relationship between a mother and her daughter in their search for love. Through the cultivation of a conflict between romance and sex, Le Petit Amour explores fragile individuals experiencing harsh realities with a poetic devotion to the tenderness of youth.

  11. FISCHER's rating of the film Le petit amour

    Une oeuvre sympathique, douce-amère, d'une grande authenticité...

  12. rllr's rating of the film Le petit amour

    First I felt awkward, then repulsed, then floored. Overall touched deeply.

  13. C's rating of the film Le petit amour

    I thought I had a read on this (that it was showing the disconnect between JB's character's romantic fantasies, the lies she tells herself and her predatory actions, how cruel and destructive those actions are to everyone around her, that this isn't about any actual "love"), and I think it is, but idk. Madame Bovary as Humbert Humbert.

  14. Greg Shields's rating of the film Le petit amour

    Absolutely hilarious! I am becoming a Francophile!

  15. limited-space's rating of the film Le petit amour

  16. lemonish5's rating of the film Le petit amour

    The subject of adolescent male desire for an older woman is fascinating, but Le Petit Amour fails to enlighten. Instead, the abusive relationship is played as lighthearted, innocuous, misunderstood. Too often are real-life cases of female predators molesting young boys normalized, written off as the fulfillment of male fantasy. No degree of sexual repression, isolation, or loneliness makes this abuse comprehensible.

  17. David Grillo's rating of the film Le petit amour

    In-between the imaginary and the symbolic identification there is in this film the supplementation of the self, desire is located in the role playing game, be it rescuing the damsel (as kung-fu master) or the heart (as pathological lover). In this setting Varda finds the last possible first love; as all true first loves are a sin against nature. What is life without its beautiful misunderstandings?

  18. G.'s rating of the film Le petit amour

    I was reminded of a year wherein my oldest sister's birthday came a few weeks after finally divorcing a man she had two children with but no longer loved; on that day we planned a dinner out but she suffered a crying fit and refused to leave her bed. Her behavior seemed so puzzling and silly at the time, but upon seeing this film I'm sorry I failed to recognize the beauty in her vulnerability at that age.

  19. mpho3's rating of the film Le petit amour

    "I had not seen the film in a long time. When I saw it recently, I said: ‘I don’t think we could make a film like this today and show it.’ Today everything is so heavy; people are afraid of everything... Afraid of rape, afraid of pedophilia... all the scandals w/ the priests. We are in a very self conscious, dangerous period now. But it wasn’t this dark when we made the film. - Varda to Miranda July, Fandor 3.5 stars

  20. Nan Bauer's rating of the film Le petit amour

    I think only Varda could've gotten away with this, and even so, it's a little queasy. Jane Birkin is great and it's a pleasure to see her with her daughter Charlotte. Beautifully shot, of course, and I think the provocation is sensitively done. But still....there's a little ew to it.

  21. Diderot's rating of the film Le petit amour

    Varda and Birkin manage to make this story believable and sweet. The aura of Birkin-Demy-Varda-Gainsbourg, all mixed together, also makes this just a fascinating set of images to watch.

  22. Ruiz Buñuel's rating of the film Le petit amour

    She is just a hostage in his game. He is her hero and Dungeon Master. A weird love sets off. The film has some poetry, but where is it all going and why does it have to be so ambiguous about it?

  23. William R Clark's rating of the film Le petit amour

    Charlotte For Ever comes out a year before this. I assume that, in the course of making a documentary with Varda, she could half-improvise her own version of that incestuous tale that is less threatening and more childhood romance; she delivers her voiceover in this pitchy sing-song. Varda had her own son be her Charlotte, who wasn't too happy about her house being occupied for two movies in a row.

  24. Edit Profile's rating of the film Le petit amour

    Impressive. I wonder how often situations like this happen? I like the tension throughout the film. Kung-fu Master is a great title for this movie. Very well casted. The actors have interesting faces. Jane Birkin looks like David Bowie in this film. Mixture of Lolita and Karate Kid.

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