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Le petit soldat

Directed by Jean-Luc Godard
France, 1963
Drama, War


During the Algerian war for independence from France, a young Frenchman living in Geneva joins a far-right terrorist group from which he later tries to flee, after falling in love for a young woman who belongs to a left-wing terrorist group.

Le petit soldat Directed by Jean-Luc Godard
Along the way, Le Petit Soldat serves, like so many of Godard’s ’60s films, as a primer on how to dangle a cigarette, wear 
a topcoat, and sleekly slide in and out of a convertible.
March 14, 2013
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[Le Petit Soldat] stands apart from “Zero Dark Thirty” in other significant ways. Godard’s harsh and direct, yet complex and intimate approach to the subject contrasts with Bigelow’s relatively careless, aesthetically mediocre, and entertainingly grandiose and unsophisticated way with it, and the crucial differences that result are ultimately not just aesthetic but moral.
March 07, 2013
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Le Petit Soldat is a heady, invigorating mix of civics and cinema… Even this early in his career, Godard knew how to make audiences viscerally experience and contemplate things they might otherwise not have wanted to.
March 04, 2013
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