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  1. Andrew Miller's rating of the film Le plaisir

    There's a looseness, an openness to this film--reminded me a bit of Pastorale by Otar Iosseliani.

  2. Esteban Henao's rating of the film Le plaisir

    I've always wanted to see a movie from this guy. I have, but don't understand a word in French and have german subtitles.. so... I feel like I've missed something big here :( . Anyway, very interesting shots, I'm gonna follow my gut, based only on visuals, that this is a pretty good movie... at least I could finish it, that must say something about it itself.

  3. Muraki's rating of the film Le plaisir

    a refreshing masterpiece with a great camerawork

  4. Aydin KhaliliK's rating of the film Le plaisir

  5. paxy's rating of the film Le plaisir

  6. A47's rating of the film Le plaisir

    [sophisticated comment about why I find this entertaining]

  7. alice's rating of the film Le plaisir

    Di assoluto pregio le immagini (teatrali/pittoriche) e i movimenti di macchina, fluidissimi. Purtroppo i film ad episodi mi indispongono.

  8. Lynch/Fellini's rating of the film Le plaisir

    People tend to think that Max Ophul's camerawork is the most impressive thing about his films. But I think that this film is a great example of why I think the most impressive trademark of his is the grand set decoration and costume design. Yet, Monsieur Ophuls isn't style over substance. All three of the stories in this film are engaging and prove why he is considered a master!

  9. Victoria L.'s rating of the film Le plaisir

    I wish the second story hadn't made the whole movie seem neverending. Did love the narrative though. ^^

  10. Video Session's rating of the film Le plaisir

  11. Robert W Peabody III's rating of the film Le plaisir

    Le Plaisir 1952 DIR Max Ophuls 97 Min _....harmony of minds, temperament, and humor_

  12. Gylfi's rating of the film Le plaisir

    The charm and grace of Ophüls's cinema can be seen and felt in every frame of Le Plaisir, a film so full of majestic and somehow yet understated camera work and great performances from so many legends of the French cinema. I especially would like to mention that wonderful scene at the church, a touching moment that reminded me of Cabiria's visit to the local shrine where she seeks the Madonna's intercession.

  13. This is Jake Kath's rating of the film Le plaisir

    Though didn't captivate me the way other Ophulss' have, It still contains moments of complete bliss countered with a helping of emotional potency! The funeral scene will stay with me for a while. I feel like this one will grow on me but time will see. Still, as it is, it wasn't love at first sight. Yet again, isn't the best loves the ones you have to train and nurture? Anyway, wonderful movie!

  14. David M.K.'s rating of the film Le plaisir

    Get out the tar and feathers... I thought it was boring.

  15. Kommienesuzpadt's rating of the film Le plaisir

    This really is a triptych: two shorter--though no less sumptuous and thrilling--tales framing one longer, brilliant tale about le plaisir. It helps if you've read any Maupassant before, though that certainly isn't a requirement to enjoy this gorgeous, flamboyant film. Danielle Darrieux is one of the most beautiful women ever to grace the silver screen.

  16. Francisco R.'s rating of the film Le plaisir

    Anthologies on film have never been my cup of tea, and no matter how proficient Ophüls may be with his camera it didn't make the experience any more enjoyable for me, still, I thought it was pretty good considering the time it was made.

  17. CVH's rating of the film Le plaisir

    Rated 'Le Plaisir' 4 out of 5 stars. COMMENTS: A film with balls.

  18. chanandre's rating of the film Le plaisir

    [Cinémathèque PT #93: 35 mm]

  19. Eloi MV's rating of the film Le plaisir

    I didn't find the film quite funny or great as Madame De..., but the camera work is mindblowing litterally. Ophuls is a pure master with a camera in his hands and that's why his movies are so great.

  20. Christiane's rating of the film Le plaisir

    LE PLAISIR is the masterpiece of Max Ophuls. It has all the ingredients of his style: elegant camera travellings, beautiful lightning, convincing actors. In this film his art is at his best. There are so many unforgettable images, f.e. the meadow where the prostitutes stop and collect flowers. It is a meadow like in a fairy tale. Every flower was put in its place to produce this wonderful image.

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