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By Law on October 15, 2009

Rivette makes another masterpiece with Le pont du Nord. Le pont du Nord, like Paris nous appartient (1960, Rivette) surrounds a conspiracy that may or may not exist. But this time, rather than being a paranoia-laden thriller, this is a whimsical comedy of sorts. It surrounds two women who by “destiny”, like in Celine and Julie vont en bateau (1974, Rivette) get together. They soon begin to investigate a mystery, dissecting a map of Paris into a board game. Once again, it might just be their enthusiasm that drives this game and there might not be an actual conspiracy. Or there might be and the application of the map of Paris as a board game plan is a stroke of genius of their part.

But in the end, it does not really matter that much. Once again, Rivette is exploring cinema. By the end of the film, the plot is clearly shown to be irrelevant. This is the audience and the actors playing a game for the duration of the film. And this concept is realised very well by Rivette. The acrobatic cinematography, meandering script (co-writted by the two lead actresses, Rivette and Schifmann, a writer who has worked with Truffaut) and the little cameos made by the boom mic all greatly add to this game, making this a truly enjoyable, fascinating and memorable experience.