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  1. Photo of Jean-Pierre Melville

    Jean-Pierre Melville Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Joan McLeod

    Joan McLeod Screenplay

  3. Photo of Georges Pellegrin

    Georges Pellegrin Screenplay

  4. Photo of Alain Delon

    Alain Delon Cast

  5. Photo of François Périer

    François Périer Cast

  6. Photo of Nathalie Delon

    Nathalie Delon Cast

  7. Photo of Cathy Rosier

    Cathy Rosier Cast

  8. Photo of Jacques Leroy

    Jacques Leroy Cast

  9. Photo of Michel Boisrond

    Michel Boisrond Cast

  10. Photo of Robert Favart

    Robert Favart Cast

  11. Photo of Jean-Pierre Posier

    Jean-Pierre Posier Cast

  12. Photo of Catherine Jourdan

    Catherine Jourdan Cast

  13. Photo of Roger Fradet

    Roger Fradet Cast

  14. Photo of Carlo Nell

    Carlo Nell Cast

  15. Photo of Robert Rondo

    Robert Rondo Cast

  16. Photo of André Salgues

    André Salgues Cast

  17. Photo of André Thorent

    André Thorent Cast

  18. Photo of Jacques Deschamps

    Jacques Deschamps Cast

  19. Photo of Georges Casati

    Georges Casati Cast

  20. Photo of Jacques Léonard

    Jacques Léonard Cast

  21. Photo of Pierre Vaudier

    Pierre Vaudier Cast

  22. Photo of Maurice Magalon

    Maurice Magalon Cast

  23. Photo of Henri Decae

    Henri Decae Cinematography

  24. Photo of François de Roubaix

    François de Roubaix Music

  25. Photo of François de Lamothe

    François de Lamothe Production Design

  26. Photo of Raymond Borderie

    Raymond Borderie Producer

  27. Photo of Eugène Lépicier

    Eugène Lépicier Producer

  28. Photo of Monique Bonnot

    Monique Bonnot Editing

  29. Photo of Yo Maurette

    Yo Maurette Editing