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  1. Photo of Philippe Lefèbvre

    Philippe Lefèbvre Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Simon Michaël

    Simon Michaël Screenplay

  3. Photo of Bruno Cremer

    Bruno Cremer Cast

  4. Photo of Heinz Bennent

    Heinz Bennent Cast

  5. Photo of Jean-François Balmer

    Jean-François Balmer Cast

  6. Photo of Lisa Kreuzer

    Lisa Kreuzer Cast

  7. Photo of Victor Garrivier

    Victor Garrivier Cast

  8. Photo of Heinz Weiss

    Heinz Weiss Cast

  9. Photo of Bernard Freyd

    Bernard Freyd Cast

  10. Photo of Manfred Seipold

    Manfred Seipold Cast

  11. Photo of Pierre Vernier

    Pierre Vernier Cast

  12. Photo of Sylvie Granotier

    Sylvie Granotier Cast

  13. Photo of Alain Rimoux

    Alain Rimoux Cast

  14. Photo of André Rouyer

    André Rouyer Cast

  15. Photo of Rémy Carpentier

    Rémy Carpentier Cast

  16. Photo of Patrick Chauvel

    Patrick Chauvel Cast

  17. Photo of Axel Ganz

    Axel Ganz Cast

  18. Photo of Herbert Weissbach

    Herbert Weissbach Cast

  19. Photo of Manfred Günther

    Manfred Günther Cast

  20. Photo of Peter Wollasch

    Peter Wollasch Cast

  21. Photo of Herbert Fiala

    Herbert Fiala Cast

  22. Photo of Jacques Guérin

    Jacques Guérin Cinematography

  23. Photo of Luis Bacalov

    Luis Bacalov Music

  24. Photo of Daniel Vaissaire

    Daniel Vaissaire Producer