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  1. Photo of Ivan Fíla

    Ivan Fíla Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Harald Herzog

    Harald Herzog Producer

  3. Photo of Andres Jauernick

    Andres Jauernick Producer

  4. Photo of Lubomir Feldek

    Lubomir Feldek Screenplay

  5. Photo of Vladimír Smutný

    Vladimír Smutný Cinematography

  6. Photo of Lenka Vlasáková

    Lenka Vlasáková Cast

  7. Photo of Christian Redl

    Christian Redl Cast

  8. Photo of Hanna Schygulla

    Hanna Schygulla Cast

  9. Photo of Miroslav Donutil

    Miroslav Donutil Cast

  10. Photo of Udo Kier

    Udo Kier Cast

  11. Photo of Gerd Lohmeyer

    Gerd Lohmeyer Cast

  12. Photo of Tereza Vetrovská

    Tereza Vetrovská Cast

  13. Photo of Ivan Gogál

    Ivan Gogál Cast

  14. Photo of Klára Jirsáková

    Klára Jirsáková Cast

  15. Photo of Oliver Stritzel

    Oliver Stritzel Cast

  16. Photo of Herman Van Ulzen

    Herman Van Ulzen Cast

  17. Photo of Zuzana Kronerová

    Zuzana Kronerová Cast

  18. Photo of Sona Valentová

    Sona Valentová Cast

  19. Photo of Mojmir Kucera

    Mojmir Kucera Cast

  20. Photo of Ján Melkovic

    Ján Melkovic Cast

  21. Photo of Stano Dančiak

    Stano Dančiak Cast

  22. Photo of Ivana Davidová

    Ivana Davidová Editing

  23. Photo of Petr Kunc

    Petr Kunc Production Design

  24. Photo of Ludvík Široký

    Ludvík Široký Production Design

  25. Photo of Petr Hapka

    Petr Hapka Music