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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Bogdan Iancu's rating of the film Lean on Pete

    2.5/ seen at International Istanbul Film Festival 2018

  2. William R Clark's rating of the film Lean on Pete

    leaning into 4. Haigh has a talent for striking gold on the tiniest hills (doesn't work as well on tv! but that's another essay). What this story has in higher stakes it loses in originality - the whole thing feels a bit too cute, the loneliness a bit manufactured. For the 20ish minutes it turns into L'Argent, I was in love.

  3. arlinda's rating of the film Lean on Pete

    An uncannily round view of America--both ugly and beautiful, tender and tough. You may read it as a portrait of masculinity in crisis as viewed by a fledgling young man. Or you can view it as a new kind of Western, at least partially so, and a road film that leaves the viewer plenty of space to roam and ruminate on. The horse is the soul.

  4. pirri's rating of the film Lean on Pete

  5. Marco Pierrard's rating of the film Lean on Pete

    Quête initiatique rude mais pleine d'espoir, La route sauvage séduit par sa beauté naturelle et des interprétations d'une justesse remarquable. Chronique complète à lire sur Citazine :

  6. Eric Eidelstein's rating of the film Lean on Pete

    A testament to Haigh’s uncanny ability to summon compassion in a world that feels devoid of it. Lean on Pete poses several challenges — which mostly appear in the form of emotionally stunted men — and forces us to confront how we do and don’t navigate toxicity. It’s a road trip movie, a coming of age story, and a parable at once. This is what men look like, what America looks like, but you can be gentler.

  7. Mr.Pacha's rating of the film Lean on Pete