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  1. LREYNOSO's rating of the film Leap Year

    Nunca imaginé la trama, final intenso y desconcertante. Probablemente consecuencia de un abuso infantil. Buena película.

  2. alcecabron1957's rating of the film Leap Year

    Real y cruda como la misma vida .

  3. Oscar Correas's rating of the film Leap Year

    Es una película muy triste en definitiva. No se mucho de cine, pero puedo decir que es una pieza realmente fuerte de mirar en momentos de soledad. Las escenas de sexo son rudas, pero no demasiado.

  4. Rocío En Ameca's rating of the film Leap Year

    Lentisisisisisisisima. No me gustó.

  5. Van Ratajczyk's rating of the film Leap Year

    Algunas escenas son difíciles de ver. Es bastante humana y patológica...

  6. Michael Diers's rating of the film Leap Year

    Bizarre Sexualfantasien als Kompensation von persönlichen Niederlagen, Einsamkeit und Trauer. Gut abgedrehtes Kammerspiel in der klaustophobischen Enge einer Wohnung in einer mexikanischen Großstadt.

  7. AVA's rating of the film Leap Year

    Unspektakulär erzählt,hervorragende Wahl/ Leistung der Hauptakteurin und ein kleines Licht am Ende des Tunnels.Sehenswert.

  8. dalena's rating of the film Leap Year

    an attraction develops upon the ability for her to absorb his fixated anguishes. doesn't it feel amazing to be wanted and how that slowly spirals to her own desire for release. what i enjoyed most about this film was to feel close to her, the fullness of her day to day life, her body, and her loneliness becoming my very own

  9. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film Leap Year

  10. Dries's rating of the film Leap Year

    Disperato ritratto di una solitudine senza vie di fuga. Gli ultimi 20 minuti creano un climax da infarto che porta ad un finale forse diverso da quello che ci si potrebbe aspettare ma che lascia ugualmente attoniti. Un pugno allo stomaco....anzi...29. 3,5

  11. saitosouta's rating of the film Leap Year

    Into her loneliness, quietly, painfully, deeply. I love movies about solitude, but this is one of most devastatingly heart-breaking film I've ever seen like "Maniac(2013)," "Der Räuber" etc.....

  12. Erik F.'s rating of the film Leap Year

    The desolation of loneliness and the desperation of lust are captured very well here. It seemed like the film was building toward a much darker ending than the one it has, so I'm both a little relieved and a little disappointed by that.

  13. .:BuNNii:.'s rating of the film Leap Year

    What was the point of this slow drawn out movie? Plot: bored journalist has sick fantasies of being murdered stemming from the grief of losing her father 4 years ago?

  14. thay's rating of the film Leap Year

  15. Miggy Angel's rating of the film Leap Year

    Left with the same conflicted feeling as after watching Reygadas' 'Japon' - so much to admire, the photography, the performances, the ambition, the aesthetic surety - but unable to separate the film from the wider context in which it was made & by whom. Wikipedia states 'Michael Rowe studied English post-colonial literature' - the film asks a prostrate Mexican woman being pissed on "What's it like to be pissed on?"

  16. chazell's rating of the film Leap Year

    some nice moments, some not nice moments.

  17. Rui Oliveira's rating of the film Leap Year

    I wasn't this disturbed by a film in a long time... An intense, very realistic and disturbing story of loneliness, by the way of sex. Great directing and undoubtedly very courageous and unforgettable performances, mostly from the lead actress! Wow! Winner of the Camera d'Or in Cannes in 2011.

  18. Nick's rating of the film Leap Year

  19. Chris sutton's rating of the film Leap Year

    Interesting film. Not for the squeamish - or the prudish. There is enough intrigue, character development and symbolism here to carry this above what could easily been just another exploitation piece.

  20. Magic Lantern Alison's rating of the film Leap Year

    Poignant. A lovely film with unspoken complexities.

  21. Sol's rating of the film Leap Year

    Muy buena actriz. Sobre el trato de la mujer, pero sobretodo, sobre la pression de nuestra sociedad que obliga a fingir una realidad...

  22. Nikola Enchev's rating of the film Leap Year

    Like most films it will be better shorter. Despite its slow and arduous beginning, it really does pick up in the second half revealing a twisted sense of loneliness and depression. Still, it is too small and contained to matter more than the small apartment it occupies.

  23. Mariana's rating of the film Leap Year

    There's so much in this film. A spot-on portrait of a sex problematic framed by culture, gender through a sensible personal history. Amazing performance and direction: an unusual depth is accomplished the character.

  24. Squashua's rating of the film Leap Year

    Starts at a nonchalant pace before cascading deeper and deeper into the incredibly raw, suffocating world of a person alone, starving for the briefest kiss or touch. The way this is filmed, so claustrophobic (the camera hardly ever facing Laura head on, staring at her from behind or around corners), and the actual situations are ridiculously, fatally relatable in their battle between misery, habits and bitter lust.

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