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  1. Photo of Petter Næss

    Petter Næss Director

  2. Photo of Rewas Kader

    Rewas Kader Screenplay

  3. Photo of Moni Nilsson-Brännström

    Moni Nilsson-Brännström Screenplay

  4. Photo of Kurt Öberg

    Kurt Öberg Screenplay

  5. Photo of Ali Abdulsalam

    Ali Abdulsalam Cast

  6. Photo of Mehmet Aras

    Mehmet Aras Cast

  7. Photo of Per Fritzell

    Per Fritzell Cast

  8. Photo of Dler Resul

    Dler Resul Cast

  9. Photo of Richard Jarl

    Richard Jarl Cast

  10. Photo of Telar Hirani

    Telar Hirani Cast

  11. Photo of Ronas Gemici

    Ronas Gemici Cast

  12. Photo of Lina Welander

    Lina Welander Cast

  13. Photo of Kajsa Bergqvist

    Kajsa Bergqvist Cast

  14. Photo of Paiv Darbandi

    Paiv Darbandi Cast

  15. Photo of Ahmed Nadim

    Ahmed Nadim Cast

  16. Photo of Marius Johansen Hansen

    Marius Johansen Hansen Cinematography

  17. Photo of Nils Petter Molvaer

    Nils Petter Molvaer Music

  18. Photo of Maria Sohlman Wikman

    Maria Sohlman Wikman Production Design

  19. Photo of Tanya Badendyck

    Tanya Badendyck Producer

  20. Photo of Anders Bergh

    Anders Bergh Producer

  21. Photo of Tobias Bringholm

    Tobias Bringholm Producer

  22. Photo of Leander Carell

    Leander Carell Producer

  23. Photo of Silje Hopland Eik

    Silje Hopland Eik Producer

  24. Photo of Tomas Eskilsson

    Tomas Eskilsson Producer

  25. Photo of Patrick Knippel

    Patrick Knippel Producer

  26. Photo of Lotta Nilsson

    Lotta Nilsson Producer

  27. Photo of Peter Possne

    Peter Possne Producer

  28. Photo of Steffen Reuter

    Steffen Reuter Producer

  29. Photo of Joachim Stridsberg

    Joachim Stridsberg Producer

  30. Photo of Yngve Andersson

    Yngve Andersson Executive Producer

  31. Photo of Inge-Lise Langfeldt

    Inge-Lise Langfeldt Editing

  32. Photo of Christian Christensen

    Christian Christensen Sound

  33. Photo of Carl Edström

    Carl Edström Sound

  34. Photo of Erik Guldager

    Erik Guldager Sound

  35. Photo of Mark Kenna

    Mark Kenna Sound

  36. Photo of Tomas Krantz

    Tomas Krantz Sound

  37. Photo of David Lindskog

    David Lindskog Sound

  38. Photo of Richard Löthner

    Richard Löthner Sound

  39. Photo of David Silverin

    David Silverin Sound

  40. Photo of Cilla Rörby

    Cilla Rörby Costume Design

  41. Photo of Anna-Maria Åkerlund

    Anna-Maria Åkerlund Costume Design