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  1. Photo of Mikio Naruse

    Mikio Naruse Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Fumitaka Iwasaki

    Fumitaka Iwasaki Screenplay

  3. Photo of Takio Niki

    Takio Niki Music

  4. Photo of Mitsuo Miura

    Mitsuo Miura Cinematography

  5. Photo of Takeo Kita

    Takeo Kita Production Design

  6. Photo of Minoru Takada

    Minoru Takada Cast

  7. Photo of Takako Irie

    Takako Irie Cast

  8. Photo of Chieko Takehisa

    Chieko Takehisa Cast

  9. Photo of Sadao Maruyama

    Sadao Maruyama Cast

  10. Photo of Yuriko Hanabusa

    Yuriko Hanabusa Cast

  11. Photo of Setsuko Horikoshi

    Setsuko Horikoshi Cast

  12. Photo of Akira Ubukata

    Akira Ubukata Cast

  13. Photo of Kaoru Itô

    Kaoru Itô Cast

  14. Photo of Ko Mihashi

    Ko Mihashi Cast

  15. Photo of Tomoko Ito

    Tomoko Ito Cast

  16. Photo of Yumeko Aizome

    Yumeko Aizome Cast

  17. Photo of Heihachirô Ôkawa

    Heihachirô Ôkawa Cast

  18. Photo of Chizuko Kanda

    Chizuko Kanda Cast