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  1. Photo of Jaideep Varma

    Jaideep Varma Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Asheem Chakravarty

    Asheem Chakravarty Self

  3. Photo of Rahul Ram

    Rahul Ram Self

  4. Photo of Susmit Sen

    Susmit Sen Self

  5. Photo of Sanjay Kapoor

    Sanjay Kapoor Cinematography

  6. Photo of Gargey Trivedi

    Gargey Trivedi Cinematography

  7. Photo of Paramvir Singh

    Paramvir Singh Cinematography

  8. Photo of Indian Ocean

    Indian Ocean Music

  9. Photo of D Ramakrishna

    D Ramakrishna Producer

  10. Photo of Sumit Kilam

    Sumit Kilam Executive Producer

  11. Photo of Ranjan Singh

    Ranjan Singh Executive Producer

  12. Photo of Mo Polamar

    Mo Polamar Executive Producer

  13. Photo of Dhruv Jagasia

    Dhruv Jagasia Executive Producer

  14. Photo of Nimish Gaur

    Nimish Gaur Editing and Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Sonali Pendharkar

    Sonali Pendharkar Editing

  16. Photo of Vivek Sachidanand

    Vivek Sachidanand Sound

  17. Photo of Renganaath Ravee

    Renganaath Ravee Sound

  18. Photo of Santosh Kumar

    Santosh Kumar Sound

  19. Photo of Kaamod Kharade

    Kaamod Kharade Sound

  20. Photo of Amit Kilam

    Amit Kilam Sound and Self

  21. Photo of Samir Kripalani

    Samir Kripalani Sound