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  1. OldGermanCurrency's rating of the film Lebanon

  2. Caramel Cookie's rating of the film Lebanon

    It's an interesting choice to film in such a reduced space and the film makers have solved it very beautifully with the camera. Unfortunately I felt the script a bit predictable and at times too much "message sending" going on for my liking... it's a bit of moral kitsch at times. Still well done enough to warrant a watch.

  3. Peiizhu*'s rating of the film Lebanon

    Películas que se tienen que ver de LEY

  4. El Mau's rating of the film Lebanon

    Siempre que releo "La Guerra y la Paz", pienso en lo banal y estúpida que es toda guerra... esta sensación me dejo esta excelente película...

  5. Jonathan Grajeda's rating of the film Lebanon

    Una película que intenta mostrar la debilidad de un depredador, sin embargo, su fragilidad de la trama no le alcanza para mantenerse de pie y todo comienza a ser repetitivo. Si hay algo que rescatar, sin duda es la fotografía y la sobresaliente mezcla de sonido.

  6. suede's rating of the film Lebanon

    Impressively filmed chamber play confined to a tank crew's inside perspective. Offers a new angle on soldiers in contemporary combat, and on war in this region. And yes, phenomenal closing shot.

  7. pixement's rating of the film Lebanon

    A very restricted production that might be falling short for such an amazing set of characters and conflicts.

  8. Morris Bros.'s rating of the film Lebanon

  9. Karl J. Kipling's rating of the film Lebanon

    Earnestness just isn't enough. Brings nothing to the long dreary line of movies that tell us war is hell.

  10. Shiny Pete's rating of the film Lebanon

    Vermittelt die Beklemmung die man als insasse durch mangelnde Wahrnehmung und überhaupt durch das eingepfercht sein hat recht gut.

  11. msmichel's rating of the film Lebanon

    A clever look on the human cost of war internalized within an Israeli tank during the war with Lebanon in 1982. The characters are basically stock but the film still delivers it's message with creativity and claustrophobia. Maoz based it on his own experiences and that first hand knowledge is evident in the details. Cinematography by Bejach is sublime putting us smack dab in the midst of conflict. Top notch sound.

  12. Massimiliano (Max) Amato's rating of the film Lebanon

  13. Ryan Borja's rating of the film Lebanon

    Based on the video trailer I watched earlier, this looks like an interesting and strong film. The images are riveting and powerful enough to stir one to be critical about futility of war. Obviously, war has been tackled very commonly in films, so the bigger question is whether we need another war film to teach us about the atrocities of gun battle.

  14. Junda Mane's rating of the film Lebanon

    Bonus points for taking place mainly inside a tank (with some impressive use of cinematography). It really gives the film a distinct feel separate from other war epics (even though the narrative is pretty standard war-fare). Still a terrific effort from Israel.

  15. Mohammad Aboomar's rating of the film Lebanon

    War is ugly. Really ugly. No propaganda can cover that.

  16.'s rating of the film Lebanon

    Like no other movie I have ever seen. Much of the footage shot through the gun sight of a tank. The most up close and personal insight into the devastating horrors of war. This should be mandatory viewing for every politician. This movie will leave its mark on you.

  17. Denis Zordan's rating of the film Lebanon

  18. Nadin's rating of the film Lebanon

    I was disappointed. I saw the trailer and got hooked up on it. I thought it could be a nice link to Waltz with Bashir. But it never left a real impression on me.

  19. Michael Harbour's rating of the film Lebanon

    Beautifully filmed so kudos on the cinematography. And the makeup. I never got a sense of the characters though, other than a few routine character traits, and I never really cared about what was happening. I look forward to more films from Samuel Maoz though because nothing in the movie was bad and what he did well he did very well.

  20. Amandio Filipe Moura's rating of the film Lebanon

  21. Catarina C Gomes's rating of the film Lebanon

    It looks like something it really isn't. Easily forgotten.

  22. acidcow's rating of the film Lebanon

    Great movie. one of the best warmovies i have seen in years.

  23. Leandro Schonfelder's rating of the film Lebanon

    The director's only concern is to show the "horrors of war", and he won't bother using all kinds of clichés to achieve it. Terrible.

  24. Yggdrasil's rating of the film Lebanon

    I watched this one day and forgot that I had seen it a few days later. Nothing about this film really left much of an impression.

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