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  1. diiiiogorocha's rating of the film L'Eclisse

    There were some parts that, although I understand why they were there, I didn't feel they were absolutely needed. Overall a really good movie, I'll rewatch Blow Up.

  2. Henrique Barbosa Justini's rating of the film L'Eclisse

    a arquitetura de roma como uma maldição que assombra qualquer comunicação. ansiedades imediatas, efemeridades que não constroem nada.

  3. 상빈 윤's rating of the film L'Eclisse

    The last sequence, or just a series of shots, is so incomprehensible it feels surreal. This intangibility, how should I penetrate it?

  4. Marach Adipalin's rating of the film L'Eclisse

    There is something inexplicably beautiful of the ending sequence... What a conclusion.

  5. Loud Rocks's rating of the film L'Eclisse

  6. Adora Dion's rating of the film L'Eclisse

    o pleasca sociala de 2 lei; m-am saturat de porcarii "try harder" care tot incearca sa fie ceva memorabil; mi-a mancat 2 ore din viata, neavand nicio valoare de niciun fel; ar fi fost o stea daca actori nu ar fi fost decenti.

  7. Howard Fritzson's rating of the film L'Eclisse

    "The most beautiful couple in the history of movies." Isn't that what Tom Ford says? I would agree with that. And I think the film is beautiful, certainly, but Antonioni asks the audience to do an awful lot of work. It reminds me of watching Diana Ross Live when she asked everyone to sing along on EVERY SINGLE SONG! I wanted to be paid as a performer. This film requires you to fill in long stretches of enigma.

  8. jewelsofglory's rating of the film L'Eclisse

    The final segment of bourgeoisie love affairs. Antonioni really captures modern alienation so elegantly with little dialogue and superb editing. I prefer La Notte out of the three as this film was ruined by a rascist scene worth skipping- a motaphor that compared the passion of the exotic to the rationality of modern man.

  9. Log Lady's rating of the film L'Eclisse

    4.5 stars ~ Didn't care much about La Notte, but L'Eclisse comes a close second to the eternally gorgeous L'Avventura in Antonioni's trilogy. Vitti is hypnotic as always, and although this isn't Delon's best role or performance, he has great chemistry with Vitti. Wonderful interplay between the characters and Rome's landscapes and spaces.

  10. Mattia Ricotta's rating of the film L'Eclisse

  11. O...'s rating of the film L'Eclisse

    En el silencio está la nada y el vacío.

  12. alina.'s rating of the film L'Eclisse

  13. ceknklsn's rating of the film L'Eclisse

    80/100 (Klas ama Antonioni'nin en kötüsü.)

  14. Sol Petchorine's rating of the film L'Eclisse

  15. dordairobert's rating of the film L'Eclisse

  16. jonijtr's rating of the film L'Eclisse

    rewatch, a masterpiece that's both transfixing and alienating, the final scene is one of the most horrifying thing ever filmed

  17. Thijmen's rating of the film L'Eclisse

    Poetic scenes from a slice of life

  18. James Mackin's rating of the film L'Eclisse

    An intriguing story, but also incredibly malaise. Lots of nice cinematography though, and the opening credits are a lie, if not an entertaining one.

  19. Alexander Dunkelberger's rating of the film L'Eclisse

    I feel like this is probably a great film. I just don’t feel it in the right way. After the captivating “L’Avventura” and the surprise greatness of “La Notte” (surprise because it’s said to be the lesser of the loose trilogy) I was disappointed by this one’s inability to grab me, or at least intrigue me the way the others had. Needs a revisit sometime down the line.

  20. Dr. Fabe's rating of the film L'Eclisse

    Antonioni is one of those filmmakers whose visual and narrative style I just don't seem to get. And I usually like slow, thoughtful movies.

  21. FISCHER's rating of the film L'Eclisse

    >>> Film sur la solitude relationnelle, l'incommunicabilité, le dérisoire de toute activité humaine, glacial, pessimiste, dépouillé à l'extrême...

  22. Samuel T.'s rating of the film L'Eclisse

    Re-view. 16mm. Was Red Desert not the 4th of a quartet? Doesn't matter. We get it. More post-war bourgeois malaise, frosty isolation, ignorance, pretension. Still, I was glued- Antonioni's ability to turn objects into symbols, specifically in the first chamber; the crops with sexy finger touch, Vitti declaring "books, table, chair, man" as all the same- here, in cinema, everything in frame is to be tasted. Delicious.

  23. Annie Gentil-Kraatz's rating of the film L'Eclisse

    Stylish, full of symbolism and slightly offensive...

  24. Jema Gaskin Charles's rating of the film L'Eclisse

    Full of beauty and distraction this ennuis film tells its audience most things indirectly - though the events around the lovers. From the scenes at the fetishised and tempestuous stock exchange to the open skies of an air field there is a sense of proportion - of things beyond the self. The final shots emphasise the absence of a relatable subject in the minute perpetuity of existence faced with immanent nuclear war.

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