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  1. Shea Hennum's rating of the film Legend

    Ridley Scott's "I'm a weirdo" movie.

  2. FISCHER's rating of the film Legend

    De merveilleux trucages...

  3. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Legend

    Almost every frame shot is like a magic dream painting come to life. Tim Curry is effective as Lord of Darkness stealing every scene and the captivating Mia Sara is a delicious princess especially when she is turned to the dark side and the scenes when she is with Darkness turns the movie into "Beauty and the Beast in Hell", but Tom Cruise and the annoying comic reliefs are disappointingly weak.

  4. spasmolytic's rating of the film Legend

    Father, I hold the world in my grasp and yet this girl strikes me. It has been an eternity since I felt such desire.

  5. Ethan's rating of the film Legend

    This is a fun little fantasy film with Ferris Bueller's girlfriend and Tom Cruise and an incredibly evil Tim Curry, it really is a fun ride.

  6. Jérémy Poirier's rating of the film Legend

    An enjoyable fairy-tale but there really isn't much more to it. I've only seen the director's cut version (with the forever doomed Scott, I always go with it if there's one) but I'm really disappointed that the original Tangerine Dream score is not in it. I like to think that this is what Deckard is dreaming about in "Blade Runner". There are actually some similar themes like immortality, love and unicorns obviously.

  7. Bea Vea's rating of the film Legend

    I kind of wanted this to be a fantasy escapist kind of movie, bringing in a real fantasy world but this was dull. The characters just kept on saying "Jack" over and over again; it annoyed me to no end and it seemed lazy writing to me.

  8. fred boswell's rating of the film Legend

    This is a grossly underrated film love the fantasy-other-worldly fairy tale between good and evil, the costumes are off the chain!

  9. Mighty Quinn's rating of the film Legend

    Seen both versions now. Director's cut is a bit slow, US cut has a rushed opening and spoil's Tim Curry's intro, but the 80's synth score is more memorable. The world Ridley Scott built is a beautiful one, but it feels a bit empty and lacking in the story department, and the characters are a bit air headed. An interesting film, but not essential by any means.

  10. Mark O. Stack's rating of the film Legend

    Tom Cruise's almost not quite human stare is well-cast in this story of a woodland boy saving a princess from Tim Curry. You get the impression he's more akin to the sprites and spirits that join him along the way than the human princess.

  11. John H. Nomedal's rating of the film Legend

    An interesting career choice from Ridley Scott after mastering the Sci-Fi genre prior to making this fairytale movie.Legend has a brilliant cast including unicorns and goblins.Tom Cruise is courageous as the prince and Mia Sara has the beauty of a princess but TimCurry has the presence of the devil with wicked makeup.The cinematography and production design is captivating almost Disney-like in color palette and size.

  12. Dogukan4Ever's rating of the film Legend

    1985, dir. RIDLEY SCOTT - 5,7/10 (USA)

  13. Joshua's rating of the film Legend

    2.5/5.0 Director's Cut was a disappointment. And long and kind of boring. And much exposition. I will watch the theatrical next year perhaps. Satan is amazing though. <3 Hail Satan.

  14. Federico Di Folco's rating of the film Legend

    Una buona favola onirica confezionata da Scott,caratterizzata da notevoli elementi stilistici,un make-up adeguato al periodo ed una scenografia che colpisce per colori e sfondi paesaggistici. A volte è un pò lentino,si limita a rappresentare l'eterna lotta tra Bene e Male senza spingersi oltre,ma non è mai schizzato o fastidioso e,pur essendo anni-luce dal miglior Scott,alla fine si difende.

  15. Scott Lucas's rating of the film Legend

    A muddle of epic proportions, but goddamn if I didn't enjoy myself this last time I saw it. And Rob Bottin's creations are some of the best ever put on film. I'd take this over that stuff WETA types up on their computer any day of the week.

  16. Tigrão's rating of the film Legend

    Not in any way brilliant, but you have to give credit to the filmmakers for trying to achieve a very particular vision of the Fantasy tale. It's intolerably cheesy at times and Tom Cruise has the charismatic presence of an oyster, but Tim Curry is brilliant as Darkness, Ridley Scott does a great job at the direction, and the dancing scene in the palace just has something sublime to it.

  17. doublelife91's rating of the film Legend

    Tom Cruise looks like a fucking fairy in this.

  18. msmichel's rating of the film Legend

    American release version One of the few films that I prefer the American version mainly due to the score here by Tangerine Dream. The film itself is a weird hybrid of fairy tale, horror story, allegory and kitsch that works despite its shortfalls. A triumph of art direction, cinematography and old school makeup effects. Curry and the exquisite Mia Sara make up for the blandness of Cruise. A beautiful gem.

  19. eek's rating of the film Legend

    watch the director's cut

  20. Troy Savory's rating of the film Legend

    Lovely set design and beautiful direction. The dance scene is one of the best scenes in the film with great music being played behind it. Tim Curry is still as creepy as i remember and so is the witch in the swamp. A childhood fairy tale that can be enjoyed by anyone.

  21. Westley's rating of the film Legend

    It's a rather beautiful film. Scott knows how to frame a great shot. The set designs are some of the best I've seen.

  22. Clarissa's rating of the film Legend

    Tim Curry, a unicorn and a centaur? This movie has a awesome combo!

  23. Arlene Weiss's rating of the film Legend

    One of my very favorite films ever & certainly of that by Ridley Scott. I prefer the USA version, though there are some elements from the 3 other confirmed versions, European, Director's Cut, and USA Televised version that I love. What an ethereal mystical, magical, breathtaking film, crafted with epic dark & light storytelling and characters, much like the dark & light, good & evil themes of its immense narrative.

  24. Elliot Kern's rating of the film Legend

    are you fucking kidding? this film is so fucking hot. tom cruise is fucking hot. tom cruise's fucking crotch. tom cruise wears fucking skirts. and tom cruise's fucking crotch. and tom cruise fucking swan dives twice. and tom cruise fucking loves unicorns. tom cruise is a fucking fairy girl angelic elven forest boy. are you fucking kidding? legend is a masterpiece.

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