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  1. zotibaws's rating of the film Leila

  2. eugenie de sade's rating of the film Leila

    this literally cut me up and ate me without any milk

  3. -REM-'s rating of the film Leila

  4. ‏ㅤ's rating of the film Leila

    Who wants children when you can have a giant Marsupilami on your shoulders?

  5. M****'s rating of the film Leila

  6. apexa's rating of the film Leila

    'Hamoun' works as a great companion piece to 'Leila'. Both use cinematic devices pronounce the subjective & to establish the lead character's POV. Both deal with the breakdown of a marriage - Hamoun being largely dysfunctional due to inward forces and Leila being largely functional due to outward forces. Both are titled to show who is the chief narrator with the former being the husband & the latter being the woman.

  7. Joshuah's rating of the film Leila

    working title: Monster-in-Law

  8. Mehdi Jahan's rating of the film Leila

    Leila Hatami has a very striking face,which can display strength and look vulnerable at the same time.I liked some of the cinematic devices used here, esp. in the first person narrative thru which the story is told. The conflict between modernity and traditions in Iran and the dilemma the individual faces is brilliantly brought out. i felt pretty sorry for the guy who's torn btween societal pressures n his free will.