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  1. /katia's rating of the film Lemming

  2. Jaco's rating of the film Lemming

  3. AVA's rating of the film Lemming

    Geheimnisvolle Spannung. Fabelhafte Auswahl der Hauptdarsteller.

  4. Michael Diers's rating of the film Lemming

    Was als Beziehungsdrama beginnt, entwickelt sich mehr und mehr zu einem Mystery-Thriller, der handwerklich an Hitchcock oder Lynch erinnert. Leider hat der Film einige Längen. Eine Kürzung um 20 Minuten wäre sicher angebracht gewesen.

  5. SanniHey's rating of the film Lemming

    tolle Schauspieler .. tolle Geschichte .. mich hat der Film richtig schaurig schön beeindruckt

  6. FISCHER's rating of the film Lemming

    Une époustouflante Charlotte Rampling, toujours aussi étonnante, pour une oeuvre intéressante et prenante, gâchée par une dernière demi-heure fadasse et lourdingue...

  7. ig_____or's rating of the film Lemming

    During the first part I was totally on board with this... Charlotte Rampling was being the resentful, bitchy wife, playing psychological games with the young couple and it was giving me life. Then came the suicide and I was afraid everything would lose its steam... which it kinda did. It never got boring, but Bénédicte's mental switch felt awkward and forced, and the same can be said about the lemming story/metaphor.

  8. Scienceofphantoms's rating of the film Lemming

    The first act is light on its feet enough, with Rampling just storming in an making the whole drama look like her plaything. But then it turns into a game of "What if David Lynch was boring?" We have better things to do than watch the white walls of bougie people receive timid stains. Even the class politics would be forgivable if this were in any way a coherent thriller. It assumes its stakes, never earns them.

  9. nazli kok's rating of the film Lemming

    a lot deep silence but not disturbing though..successful acting, well concieved final.

  10. ozgeyildirim's rating of the film Lemming

    Başından sonuna kadar etkileyici olan film insanda çok değişik duyguları film boyunca hissettiriyor. Bence çok iyi bir Avrupa filmiyle baş başayız. Bu arada Lars von Trier'in Antichrist filmini seyredenler bu filmde ciddi bir paralellik bulabilir. Son bir selam da oyuncular Charlotte Gainsbourg ve Laurent Lucas'a.

  11. DEVRİM ASLAN's rating of the film Lemming

    Çok merak uyandıran, her anında beyninizi acaba ne olacak sorusuyla yoran çok farklı güzel bir film. Oldukça başarılı buldum. Sonunu pek sevmedim, kırdım puanını :))

  12. DEMET's rating of the film Lemming

    Bireyin yaşadığı ruhsal çöküntüleri, olay örgüsü içerisine doğaüstü olayları hayatın durağan akışını bozmadan ekleyerek çözümleyen bir film. Yönetmenin kesinlikle iyi bir iş çıkardığını düşünüyorum.

  13. Burak Nonotion's rating of the film Lemming

  14. Candace's rating of the film Lemming

  15. Karen García's rating of the film Lemming

    great film! amazing photography, actors and plot! It had me anguished from the beginning. A great example of a great story with a happy ending!

  16. ijgamboa's rating of the film Lemming

    una mierda, no pasa ni un carajo, hay una pelicula que se llama el bigote o algo asi, un huevon frances se corta el bigote y nadie reconoce que tenia bigote antes, al final creo que el huevon se vuelve loco y viaja a Asia, la vi hace anos y es una mierda, pienso en ella porque esta tambien es una mierda, mis amigos de los motores de busqueda automatica me las recomiendan juntas, claro que si, dos mierdas juntas.

  17. nurrrit's rating of the film Lemming

  18. Lorna Singh's rating of the film Lemming

    The usually stunning Charlotte Rampling could not save this domestic drama and supernatural thriller,as her role is limited.Actually it doesn't work as either.Started well but interest is lost due to the slow pace and the actors (esp Ms Gainsbourg) seem almost asleep.

  19. Coheed 2.5's rating of the film Lemming

    Add question and dinner party games as another medium cinema interconnects with alongside theatre and painting (although it’s vastly different from videogames), where the narrative is a game of Guess the Plot Twist' for the viewer unless the script has actual meaning to it. Most of them, like Lemming, eventually lead to me giving up and waiting for the thing to end for the rest of the runtime.

  20. micah van hove's rating of the film Lemming

    Some really memorable images in this film

  21. Jane Møller Larsen's rating of the film Lemming

    Whoever liked Lars Von Triers' "Antichrist" (and liked it) should watch this. It's not a full rip-off, but rather close I'd say. If you believe in ghosts, this is a scary film!

  22. Mathias Palmberg's rating of the film Lemming

    Oh my god! I just love this movie. Laurent Lucas is as always great and both Rampling and Gainsbourg turn in solid performances. However, the true star of the piece is director Dominick Moll who manages to turn the movie from drama to thriller to pure surrealism without making it seem strange or heavy handed. Recommended

  23. ARGIL's rating of the film Lemming

    Charlotte vs. Charlotte. Charlotte + Charlotte... fascinating little film. Delicious brainfood! Thanks for the recommendation, @CARLOS FIGUEIR​EDO. Don´t ever go with Charlotte Gainsbourg to a cottage in the woods...

  24. Bambang N Karim's rating of the film Lemming

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