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  1. Alex's rating of the film L'enfer

  2. Jason's rating of the film L'enfer

    Perhaps Chabrol's cinema has always been about people who observe others and people who are observed by others. This is an existential concern, and one that cannot help but lead delightfully down the odd extremely aberrant avenue. Here Chabrol has been cast by financier Marin Karmitz in the role of H.G. Clouzot. Nobody has ever been better cast for anything. A total masterpiece on the subject of the observer.

  3. ammar's rating of the film L'enfer

  4. FISCHER's rating of the film L'enfer

    Honnête et jamais ennuyeux !

  5. La quinta luna's rating of the film L'enfer

  6. ΞRIC B∆D TASTΞ's rating of the film L'enfer

    a relationship drama with a lot of jealousy & a touch psychotic.

  7. Michele Andreoli's rating of the film L'enfer

    didn't see that but i will do it soon.. love emmanuelle and the story is really interesting

  8. Pedro's rating of the film L'enfer

  9. zondabez's rating of the film L'enfer

    Vi esse filme pela primeira vez há quase 20 anos e não lembrava da tensão que se estabelece ao longo da história. O clima suave e ensolarado do início contrasta com o chuvoso e dramático final. A bela Béart vive dias de Capitu nas mãos do amado marido - Cluzet em ótima performance - atormentado pelo ciúme. Produção de destaque de Chabrol nos 90s ( ao lado de "Madame Bovary"), não é muito conhecida e vale quanto pesa!

  10.'s rating of the film L'enfer

    Suspicion, suggested marital infidelity or simply mental breakdown; a descent into a personal Hell. Chabrol dusts off the Clouzot screenplay and directs with intrigue, instantly recognisable as the French Hitchcock. Perfect performances: Cluzet as the maddening hotelier and Beart, in a female role atypical to this cinematic set-up, seductive with a hint of calculation. Melodramatic, masterful.

  11. Terry_Moby's rating of the film L'enfer

    Ein kühler, böser Film. Chabrol erzeugt mit klassischen Filmtechniken (Kamera, Schnitt, Musik, Licht) eine Atmosphäre des Irrsinns. Pauls Eifersucht erscheint nie begründet, aber sein Abdriften in den Wahn wird trotzdem nachvollziehbar. Eine weitere Facette des großen Chabrol-Mosaiks über den Irrsinn der "normalen Menschen".

  12. Rafael Ramz III's rating of the film L'enfer

    Viciously entertaining! A message of life.

  13. Varcolac's rating of the film L'enfer

    So intense!!!... this movie makes me laugh and cry like a crazy dude.

  14. Omar Fabricio's rating of the film L'enfer

    Comedia negra, magnifica, de los puntos mas altos en la cinematografia de Chabrol

  15. VENIMOS LOS JODIMOS Y NOS FUIMOS's rating of the film L'enfer

    De lo mejor de Chabrol. Como todo lo excepcional, no aptp para todos los gustos.