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  1. nejurgi's rating of the film Lenny

    cinema. everything in this film was fantastic, the camera work, the editing, the acting, the stories it chose to portray, i was overwhelmed after it ended

  2. José Neves's rating of the film Lenny

    35mm, rewatched. Seen more than 30 years ago, it's with an immense pleasure that i reviewed it and recalled that there was such a time of freedom in cinema, in which the proposals to intelligibilize the human drama and its multiple occurrences found a complex formal disposition with a corresponding multiplicity of clues and proposals. The non-biopic par excellence. And remember Valerie Perrine's fleeting fascination

  3. ammar's rating of the film Lenny

  4. Balthaz21's rating of the film Lenny

  5. ap's rating of the film Lenny

    2nd viewing. 4th star is for the amazing cinematography and editing.

  6. Mr.Pacha's rating of the film Lenny

  7. el.'s rating of the film Lenny

  8. Bogdan Liviu's rating of the film Lenny

    “You can't talk about fucking in America, people say you're dirty. But if you talk about killing somebody, that's cool.” ― Richard Pryor

  9. Cinema Omnivore's rating of the film Lenny

    8.6/10, my review:

  10. Dignan's rating of the film Lenny

  11. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Lenny

    Una de las pocas películas en que Dustin Hoffman no brilla. Su interpretación hace como si cualquier actor hubiera sido ideal para interpretar a Lenny Bruce. En la trama, Fosse y otra cuota del arte/artista en decadencia. A inicio parece atractivo esa dinámica de saltos de tiempo, pero luego se vuelve monótomo. Es como si fuéramos parte de ese público que bosteza por una historia que pasa sus etapas con mucha deprisa

  12. Trunfos's rating of the film Lenny

  13. Christopher McQuain's rating of the film Lenny

  14. Diogo Pires's rating of the film Lenny

    É preciso deixar de lado a parte de Lenny Bruce ter sido um homem que dizia a verdade nua e crua (ou pelo menos tinha intenções de) e reconhecer que mesmo assim o filme está cheio de coisas boas: prestação de Dustin Hoffman, excelente escolha de realizar o filme a preto e branco, intercalação entre tempos diferentes feita de forma interessante. No geral um bom filme sobre um homem muito interessante. Entre o 4 e 4,5

  15. Genre films > French New Wave's rating of the film Lenny

    I didn't like this film for a while, because I felt it was just skimming the surface of what Lenny was going through at the beginning and I didn't like the documentary aspect. However, it started to grow on me. The "blah, blah, blahing" scene was great. Fosse didn't want to get too emotionally invested. He wanted this movie to have the tone of Lenny Bruce's comedy: detached irony, and it certainly has that.

  16. Federico Di Folco's rating of the film Lenny

    Una grandiosa fotografia in bianco e nero suggella una magnifica interpretazione di Hoffman,nel ruolo di un comico che lancia messaggi strabordanti contro la censura e contro certi dogmi americani del tempo.Fantasioso,satirico,tagliente,ribelle:Fosse dirige un biopic documentaristico di indubbio livello(forse un tantino di parte)ed anticipa di molti anni i lavori di Stone e di Forman. Gran film.

  17. Cache Duglas's rating of the film Lenny

  18. msmichel's rating of the film Lenny

    Fosse's followup to 'Cabaret' was this adaptation of Julian Barry's play. The choice to film in b/w was an inspired one giving the film's journalistic structure the ability to feel like a real document. Hoffman captures Bruce brilliantlly here not just the comic, social agitator, icon but the man as well. Valerie Perrine was never better giving a gutsy genuine turn here. Exceptionally well directed and shot.

  19. MARK IS SUSPENDED IN GAFFA's rating of the film Lenny

    What a magnificent film! The fake people of the world all need a good smack in the head (figuratively speaking). Watch this movie and understand that the majority always tries to extinguish the truth. This film makes me want to delve into the social commentary-comedy of Lenny Bruce.

  20. jimmymarkum's rating of the film Lenny

    He was not a comedian. He was Lenny Bruce

  21. chanandre's rating of the film Lenny

  22. Alejandro Calle's rating of the film Lenny

    Just re-watched. A personal favorite.

  23. Jamie Scott-Dyson's rating of the film Lenny

    Hoffman gives an electrifying performance in this beautifully shot film. It was raw and daring like many films in the american new wave. Whilst I enjoyed the whole thing because of the enduring performances, I felt it took 50 minutes just to warm up and the mocumentary style interviews often subdued what could be powerful drama. Never the less the fantastic second half was a pleasure to watch. 4/5

  24. Whyte Nite's rating of the film Lenny

    Not a good movie. Absolutely terrible editing, I didn't care for any of the characters in the film. The last shot is completely tasteless. Should be a manual titled "How Not To Make a Biopic". * 1/2

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