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  1. FISCHER's rating of the film Léolo

    Une oeuvre étonnante de vivacité, d'ingéniosité et de truculence, pêchant malheureusement par de trop fréquentes ruptures de rythme et de ton, mais qui confirme et consacre tout de même le réalisateur, hélas aujourd'hui disparu, parmi les metteurs en scène canadiens qui resteront incontournables...

  2. Guillermo Padilla's rating of the film Léolo

    One of the best films of Canadian films. Leolo is soaked in a dizzying visual and poetic journey through the thoughts of a child. Bizarre, unattached, free as the imagination of Leolo own. Unmissable.

  3. ASHES IN THE HOURGLASS's rating of the film Léolo

    As someone who lives here, I am always frustrated in just how masturbatory the films we make in Quebec are. My teacher hyped this up as the best film from here and it's junk. Seriously, impregnated by a tomato? All the characters are walking abominations that we are supposed to find charming. CHARMING MY ASS. It's a coward's film that refuses to look at these dilemmas in a mature way. WORTHLESS

  4. Louis Léonard's rating of the film Léolo

  5. Pymo's rating of the film Léolo

  6. msmichel's rating of the film Léolo

    "I dream therefore I'm not..." Lauzon's second and final picture is one of Canada's finest films. The script was imagination run wild with the same maverick spirit applied to the film's visual sense. Full of vibrant, unsettling images but with a melancholic but nostalgic and endearing feel to it as well. Casting was perfection especially the image of the maternal quebecois madre encaptured by Ginette Reno. Aces.

  7. Simon So's rating of the film Léolo

    amazing amazing amazing !!!!

  8. Sifragum's rating of the film Léolo

    The most Discusting but enjoyable familly of Québec ! '' On mange des concombres '' !

  9. Maxamed Ibrahim's rating of the film Léolo

    I'm pretty sure, though..., no, I'm pretty sure they raped a cat.

  10. Terry_Moby's rating of the film Léolo

    A one-of-a-kind dream movie!

  11. Kays Vanderest's rating of the film Léolo

  12. Jack Lineman's rating of the film Léolo

    Reminds me of Toto le héros a little bit.

  13. Zachary George Najarian-Najafi's rating of the film Léolo

    Beautiful and dreamlike. This wasn't the light hearted comedy the poster led me to expect it to be, but it was definitely enjoyable. But this was clearly a bold and ambitious undertaking. But it just goes too far with the cat scene. I have a pretty strong stomach, but that crossed a line for me. Worth watching, though.

  14. yara's rating of the film Léolo

    "because i dream , i am not,because i dream, i dream, because at night i abandon myself to my dreams, before im left the day, "because i dont love, becuase i was afraid to love, i no longer dream"

  15. VincentVendetta's rating of the film Léolo

    Parce que moi je rêve. Moi je ne suis pas.

  16. ARGIL's rating of the film Léolo

    After all these years, I can´t see it without shedding a tear or two. Like Bad Boy Bubby: this movie makes you laugh and cry and cringe...beautiful and horrifying.

  17. sobonatovada's rating of the film Léolo

    My very favourite movie. Moi je reve!