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  1. Photo of Jerzy Hoffman

    Jerzy Hoffman Director

  2. Photo of Stanislaw Dygat

    Stanislaw Dygat Screenplay

  3. Photo of Helena Mniszek

    Helena Mniszek Screenplay

  4. Photo of Elzbieta Starostecka

    Elzbieta Starostecka Cast

  5. Photo of Leszek Teleszyński

    Leszek Teleszyński Cast

  6. Photo of Jadwiga Baranska

    Jadwiga Baranska Cast

  7. Photo of Czeslaw Wollejko

    Czeslaw Wollejko Cast

  8. Photo of Lucyna Brusikiewicz

    Lucyna Brusikiewicz Cast

  9. Photo of Irena Malkiewicz

    Irena Malkiewicz Cast

  10. Photo of Anna Dymna

    Anna Dymna Cast

  11. Photo of Gabriela Kownacka

    Gabriela Kownacka Cast

  12. Photo of Mariusz Dmochowski

    Mariusz Dmochowski Cast

  13. Photo of Piotr Fronczewski

    Piotr Fronczewski Cast

  14. Photo of Zbigniew Józefowicz

    Zbigniew Józefowicz Cast

  15. Photo of Janusz Bylczynski

    Janusz Bylczynski Cast

  16. Photo of Barbara Drapinska

    Barbara Drapinska Cast

  17. Photo of Ryszard Ostalowski

    Ryszard Ostalowski Cast

  18. Photo of Józef Para

    Józef Para Cast

  19. Photo of Hanna Stankówna

    Hanna Stankówna Cast

  20. Photo of Stanislaw Loth

    Stanislaw Loth Cinematography

  21. Photo of Wojciech Kilar

    Wojciech Kilar Music

  22. Photo of Jerzy Szeski

    Jerzy Szeski Production Design

  23. Photo of Halina Nawrocka

    Halina Nawrocka Editing

  24. Photo of Malgorzata Spychalska-Komar

    Malgorzata Spychalska-Komar Costume Design