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  1. Photo of Louis Portugais

    Louis Portugais Director

  2. Photo of Gérard Pelletier

    Gérard Pelletier Screenplay

  3. Photo of Maurice Beaupré

    Maurice Beaupré Cast

  4. Photo of Jean Brousseau

    Jean Brousseau Cast

  5. Photo of Teddy Burns Goulet

    Teddy Burns Goulet Cast

  6. Photo of Guy Bélanger

    Guy Bélanger Cast

  7. Photo of Jean-Paul Dazé

    Jean-Paul Dazé Cast

  8. Photo of Jean Doyon

    Jean Doyon Cast

  9. Photo of Roger Florent

    Roger Florent Cast

  10. Photo of Paul Foucreau

    Paul Foucreau Cast

  11. Photo of Pat Gagnon

    Pat Gagnon Cast

  12. Photo of Benoît Girard

    Benoît Girard Cast

  13. Photo of Raymond Guilbault

    Raymond Guilbault Cast

  14. Photo of Roland Jetté

    Roland Jetté Cast

  15. Photo of Jean-Paul Kingsley

    Jean-Paul Kingsley Cast

  16. Photo of Guy L'Ecuyer

    Guy L'Ecuyer Cast

  17. Photo of François Lavigne

    François Lavigne Cast

  18. Photo of André Loiseau

    André Loiseau Cast

  19. Photo of René Mathieu

    René Mathieu Cast

  20. Photo of Nathalie Naubert

    Nathalie Naubert Cast

  21. Photo of Béatrice Picard

    Béatrice Picard Cast

  22. Photo of Henri Poulin

    Henri Poulin Cast

  23. Photo of Eddy Tremblay

    Eddy Tremblay Cast

  24. Photo of Roger Varin

    Roger Varin Cast

  25. Photo of Lionel Villeneuve

    Lionel Villeneuve Cast

  26. Photo of Georges Dufaux

    Georges Dufaux Cinematography

  27. Photo of Guy Glover

    Guy Glover Producer

  28. Photo of Léonard Forest

    Léonard Forest Producer

  29. Photo of Marc Beaudet

    Marc Beaudet Editing

  30. Photo of Gilles Groulx

    Gilles Groulx Editing

  31. Photo of Victor Jobin

    Victor Jobin Editing and Producer

  32. Photo of Marcel Carrière

    Marcel Carrière Sound