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  1. Photo of Nezahat Cupur

    Nezahat Cupur Self

  2. Photo of Zeynep Cupur

    Zeynep Cupur Self

  3. Photo of Mahmut Cupur

    Mahmut Cupur Self

  4. Photo of Lucie Baudinaud

    Lucie Baudinaud Cinematography

  5. Photo of Ahmet Necdet Cupur

    Ahmet Necdet Cupur Cinematography, Director, Self, and Screenplay

  6. Photo of John Gürtler

    John Gürtler Music

  7. Photo of Jan Miserre

    Jan Miserre Music

  8. Photo of Delphine Morel

    Delphine Morel Producer

  9. Photo of Nadir Öperli

    Nadir Öperli Producer

  10. Photo of Anke Petersen

    Anke Petersen Producer

  11. Photo of Nicolas Sublarti

    Nicolas Sublarti Editing

  12. Photo of Elif Uluengin

    Elif Uluengin Editing

  13. Photo of Mathilde Van de Moortel

    Mathilde Van de Moortel Editing

  14. Photo of Valentin Finke

    Valentin Finke Sound