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  1. Photo of Roland Quignon

    Roland Quignon Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Annie Dulac

    Annie Dulac Screenplay

  3. Photo of Francis Blanche

    Francis Blanche Cast

  4. Photo of Marthe Mercadier

    Marthe Mercadier Cast

  5. Photo of Michel Serrault

    Michel Serrault Cast

  6. Photo of Alain Morat

    Alain Morat Cast

  7. Photo of Paul Demange

    Paul Demange Cast

  8. Photo of Michel Galabru

    Michel Galabru Cast

  9. Photo of André Gabriello

    André Gabriello Cast

  10. Photo of José Noguéro

    José Noguéro Cast

  11. Photo of Maria-Rosa Rodríguez

    Maria-Rosa Rodríguez Cast

  12. Photo of Philippe Castelli

    Philippe Castelli Cast

  13. Photo of Max Desrau

    Max Desrau Cast

  14. Photo of Chantal Ladesou

    Chantal Ladesou Cast

  15. Photo of Max Montavon

    Max Montavon Cast

  16. Photo of Sabine Sun

    Sabine Sun Cast

  17. Photo of André Tomasi

    André Tomasi Cast

  18. Photo of Gérard Brisseau

    Gérard Brisseau Cinematography

  19. Photo of Michel Emer

    Michel Emer Music

  20. Photo of Raymond Gabutti

    Raymond Gabutti Production Design

  21. Photo of Madeleine Gug

    Madeleine Gug Editing