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  1. Photo of Jean Girault

    Jean Girault Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jacques Vilfrid

    Jacques Vilfrid Screenplay

  3. Photo of Maurice Jacquin

    Maurice Jacquin Producer

  4. Photo of Raymond Danon

    Raymond Danon Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Raymond Lefevre

    Raymond Lefevre Music

  6. Photo of Marcel Grignon

    Marcel Grignon Cinematography

  7. Photo of Jean-Michel Gautier

    Jean-Michel Gautier Editing

  8. Photo of Sydney Bettex

    Sydney Bettex Production Design

  9. Photo of René Sarazin

    René Sarazin Sound

  10. Photo of Louis de Funès

    Louis de Funès Cast

  11. Photo of Ferdy Mayne

    Ferdy Mayne Cast

  12. Photo of Martine Kelly

    Martine Kelly Cast

  13. Photo of François Leccia

    François Leccia Cast

  14. Photo of Olivier De Funès

    Olivier De Funès Cast

  15. Photo of Claude Gensac

    Claude Gensac Cast

  16. Photo of Maurice Risch

    Maurice Risch Cast

  17. Photo of Jacques Dynam

    Jacques Dynam Cast

  18. Photo of Dominique Davray

    Dominique Davray Cast

  19. Photo of Mario David

    Mario David Cast

  20. Photo of Jean St. Clair

    Jean St. Clair Cast

  21. Photo of Christiane Muller

    Christiane Muller Cast

  22. Photo of Denise Provence

    Denise Provence Cast