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  1. Photo of Annick Lanoë

    Annick Lanoë Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Claire Alexandrakis

    Claire Alexandrakis Screenplay

  3. Photo of Claude Besson

    Claude Besson Screenplay and Producer

  4. Photo of Chantal Pelletier

    Chantal Pelletier Screenplay

  5. Photo of Danielle Darrieux

    Danielle Darrieux Cast

  6. Photo of Sophie Desmarets

    Sophie Desmarets Cast

  7. Photo of Odette Laure

    Odette Laure Cast

  8. Photo of Paulette Dubost

    Paulette Dubost Cast

  9. Photo of Marthe Villalonga

    Marthe Villalonga Cast

  10. Photo of Jackie Sardou

    Jackie Sardou Cast

  11. Photo of Catherine Rouvel

    Catherine Rouvel Cast

  12. Photo of Armand Mestral

    Armand Mestral Cast

  13. Photo of Kathy Kriegel

    Kathy Kriegel Cast

  14. Photo of Christian Pereira

    Christian Pereira Cast

  15. Photo of Pierre-Alain Chapuis

    Pierre-Alain Chapuis Cast

  16. Photo of Roger Ibanez

    Roger Ibanez Cast

  17. Photo of Amaury Gallon

    Amaury Gallon Cast

  18. Photo of Olivier Guéneau

    Olivier Guéneau Cinematography

  19. Photo of Régis Des Plas

    Régis Des Plas Production Design

  20. Photo of Antonine Catzéflis

    Antonine Catzéflis Editing