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  1. Photo of Marc Allégret

    Marc Allégret Director

  2. Photo of Marcel Achard

    Marcel Achard Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jean Aurenche

    Jean Aurenche Screenplay

  4. Photo of André Lefaur

    André Lefaur Cast

  5. Photo of Odette Joyeux

    Odette Joyeux Cast

  6. Photo of Bernard Blier

    Bernard Blier Cast

  7. Photo of Louis Jourdan

    Louis Jourdan Cast

  8. Photo of Simone Sylvestre

    Simone Sylvestre Cast

  9. Photo of Danièle Delorme

    Danièle Delorme Cast

  10. Photo of Colette Richard

    Colette Richard Cast

  11. Photo of Gérard Philipe

    Gérard Philipe Cast

  12. Photo of Jacques Dynam

    Jacques Dynam Cast

  13. Photo of Robert Pizani

    Robert Pizani Cast

  14. Photo of Robert Sidonac

    Robert Sidonac Cast

  15. Photo of Arsenio Freignac

    Arsenio Freignac Cast

  16. Photo of Raymond Aimos

    Raymond Aimos Cast

  17. Photo of Marcel Pérès

    Marcel Pérès Cast

  18. Photo of Roland Armontel

    Roland Armontel Cast

  19. Photo of Marcelle Praince

    Marcelle Praince Cast

  20. Photo of Simone Arys

    Simone Arys Cast

  21. Photo of Daniel Gélin

    Daniel Gélin Cast

  22. Photo of Jane Marken

    Jane Marken Cast

  23. Photo of Henri Alekan

    Henri Alekan Cinematography

  24. Photo of Jacques Ibert

    Jacques Ibert Music

  25. Photo of Henri Taverna

    Henri Taverna Editing

  26. Photo of Émile Lagarde

    Émile Lagarde Sound