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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Emily's rating of the film Let Joy Reign Supreme

    Entertaining with great acting - French history and satire all rolled into one! Recommend for francophiles, history buffs, film buffs, and even casual film watchers. Indie French classic.

  2. zubee's rating of the film Let Joy Reign Supreme

    Recreated the last years of Philippe d'Orleans, regent for the young Louis XV, who was 5 years old at the death of his great‐grandfather, the sun King, Louis XIV (1720-23). Beautifully choreographed, a bachanal that is sometimes over the top -- like the shot Mubi uses where the Regent is screwing one whore publicly because nothing can really be seen just intimated. And that works for the whole era too

  3. tinderness's rating of the film Let Joy Reign Supreme

    Ein Kostümfilm mit intelligenten Dialogen, ungewöhnlichen Szenen und einem brillianten Philippe Noiret. Ein wenig langatmig erzählt, mit einem unglaubwürdigen Fanal in Perspektive auf die Französische Revolution. Geschichte als bemüht amüsante Spielerei, das war es dann.

  4. Lydia.H's rating of the film Let Joy Reign Supreme

    "Let Joy Reign Supreme" is a film from 1975 that is considered a Drama/ Romance. The film was directed by Bertrand Tavernier was from Europe. Filmed in the historical Drarna this film is packed with Europe's heritage. This film is mainly centered around how Philippe II, Duke of Orleans is regent for Louis XV. At the end of the film it is demonstrated that true happiness will only be showed when one is humbled.

  5. En Sangers Bøn's rating of the film Let Joy Reign Supreme

    A burlesque film and funny social / moral satire around politics, hypocrisy, power, sex and demonic ambitions. It features an important gallery of classic french actors, all at ease with their role. If many claim that « coup de torchon » is Tavernier’s best, this one is definitely worth watching.

  6. redux's rating of the film Let Joy Reign Supreme

    Silver pissing-buckets carried around by servants in livery. Period film done the right way.